Live No Evil

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Say no evil; refraining to bring even the most inconspicuous of hatred to your immaculately divine lips,

See no evil; closing your eyes as they lecherously wandered; casting their diabolical glimpse upon innocuous entities trespassing through this mighty planet,

Propagate no evil; disseminating only philanthropic benevolence from your palms; in every entity you encountered; during your impoverished existence upon Mother Earth,

Hear no evil; basking only in the glory of melodiously captivating sound; gushing like an untamed whirlwind to the faintest cry of your fellow comrades in inexplicable distress,

Sing no evil; chopping your tongue to an infinite bits of inconspicuous ash; the instant it uttered things against God's most enthrallingly mesmerizing planet,

Patronize no evil; harboring only the irrefutable essence of celestial peace profoundly within your magnanimous soul; blatantly ostracizing those who condemned wonderful humanity,

Fantasize no evil; drifting the intriguing chords of your brain towards a land more enchanting than paradise; the instant the devil tried capsizing it from all sides,

Philosophize no evil; tirelessly browsing through only textbooks of charismatic mankind; immortalizing its spirit till even centuries after; you relinquished breath and died,

Shield no evil; audaciously vanquishing every single trace of malice from the gloomy interiors of your dwelling; substituting it with an everlasting stream on perpetual love,
Paint no evil; using your fingers to uplift tyrannized humanity; sketching with them an infinite myriad of shapes; that profusely enlightened disastrously devastated lives,

Chase no evil; indefatigably embarking upon a mission to save earth from bloodshed; evacuate the most inconspicuous iota of treachery from the complexion of satanic soil,

Eat no evil; relishing the fruits of freedom every moment of your diminutive life; escalating higher than the rhapsodic clouds with your comrades by your majestic side,

Transcend no evil; perennially existing beneath the blessings of the Omnisciently divine; savoring as well diffusing harmonious happiness; to every iota of
this boundlessly beautiful planet,

Confront no evil; praying intransigently to the Almighty Lord; for decimating even the most infinitesimal trace of sin; from the innocent organisms lives,

Sleep no evil; relentlessly dreaming about an island of unsurpassable unity; with the rich and poor marching towards the corridors of sweet success; alike,

Trade no evil; sharing only the essence of benign compassion with every organism on this globe; enriching its life with uninhibited smiles,

Do no evil; intransigently revolting against each part of your shivering body; till the time it alighted only for immortalizing the unflinching spirit of humankind,

Love no evil; ardently embracing only those with empathy in their hearts; bonding with their passionate beats; in every birth you took birth again,

And live no evil; unfathomably exploring; discovering; altruistically evolving each moment of your life to exist higher than the skies; endeavoring your very best to alleviate the lives of all those submerged in pain; of those drowning in a web of lies.

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