Long Live Godly Life

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Every innocuous step that you have marvelously bequeathed upon my dwindling stride; was unsurpassably more than infinite gardens of spuriously scintillating and penalizing currency,

Every instant of jubilation that you have royally bequeathed upon my miserably fading visage; was overwhelmingly more than infinite treasuries of bombastically malevolent and devastating currency,

Every tantalizing dream that you have ingratiatingly bequeathed upon my nonchalantly wandering mind; was irrefutably more than infinite cloudbursts of viciously hurtling and truculent currency,

Every poignant blush that you have celestially bequeathed upon my pathetically abraded cheeks; was unfathomably more than infinite entrenchments of abominably prejudiced and worthless currency,

Every stream of crimson blood that you have gorgeously bequeathed upon my disastrously fatigued veins; was incomprehensibly more than infinite skies of ominously cacophonic and gory currency,

Every unflinchingly tenacity that you have unassailably bequeathed upon my shriveled muscles; was astronomically more than infinite oceans of capriciously obsolete and doomsday currency,

Every inscrutably enigmatic destiny line that you have fabulously bequeathed upon my erringly minuscule palms; was intransigently more than infinite tunnels of abhorrently stinking and imprisoning currency,

Every ingredient of robustly sparkling health that you have gloriously bequeathed upon my debilitating body; was ubiquitously more than infinite whirlpools of insipidly dithering and horrific currency,

Every benevolently philanthropic goodness that you have sacredly bequeathed upon my beleaguered soul; was unconquerably more than infinite mountains of ominously differentiating and victimizing currency,

Every impeccable artistry that you have spell bindingly bequeathed upon my diminutive aura; was unbelievably more than infinite cisterns of lividly acrimonious and insidious currency,

Every integrally gratifying talent that you have blissfully bequeathed upon my penurious countenance; was grandiloquently more than infinite farms of uncouthly massacring and raunchy currency,

Every wave of untamed euphoria that you have heavenly bequeathed upon my ludicrously orphaned senses; was gigantically more than infinite lands of brutally tyrannizing and decimating currency,

Every seductively enthralling shadow that you have fantastically bequeathed upon my capriciously fluttering demeanor; was unbelievably more than infinite caverns of traumatically lambasting and salacious currency,

Every spurt of poignant enthusiasm that you have wonderfully bequeathed upon my irascibly estranged persona; was unshakably more than infinite hurricanes of diabolically pulverizing and crippling currency,

Every enamoring melody that you have uninhibitedly bequeathed upon my indigently dying throat; was invincibly more than infinite wells of horrendously stagnating and adulterated currency,

Every globule of astoundingly golden sweat that you have aristocratically bequeathed upon my lackadaisically indolent shoulders; was colossally more than infinite dungeons of treacherously rotting and invidiously dilapidated currency,

Every iota of eternal truth that you have Omnisciently bequeathed upon my deleteriously hollow conscience; was undoubtedly more than infinite warfields of belligerently ghoulish and assassinating currency,

Every puff of stupendously harmonious breath that you have divinely bequeathed upon my languidly tiny nostrils; was irretrievably more than infinite hell's of murderously morbid and insane currency,

Every beat of impregnable love that you have Omnipotently bequeathed upon my frantically searching heart; was unprecedentedly more than infinite corpses of remorsefully forlorn and vindictive currency,

And even if I took birth for a countless more lifetimes O! Almighty Lord and unequivocally liberated all my wealth; I would still be an infinite births too short to repay you back for all sacrosanct goodness; that you have so magnanimously showered upon me,

In the end; I humbly abnegate praying; long live humanity; long live innocence; and most importantly; long live love; and long live GODLY life.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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