Looking For Lifepartners

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Some wanted her to be extravagantly rich; disposing wealth wholeheartedly with both hands; adorning the most stupendously grandiloquent jewels on her countenance,

Some wanted her to be sanctimoniously beautiful; overshadowing every other entity on this Universe; with her blushing vanity and flamingo pink,

Some wanted her to be more melodious than the nightingale; pacifying their monotonous juggernaut of ghastly apprehensions; blissfully all night and day,

Some wanted her to march forward with the times; transgressing against the most Herculean in power; with insatiable ambition lingering in her eyes,

Some wanted her to be a nimble bodied squirrel; confining and sequestering herself; in the realms of profuse tradition; far away from the lecherous eyes of the chauvinistic society,

Some wanted her to be a tool to procreate their generations; be indispensably instrumental in evolving a living replica of their own kind,

Some wanted her to cook ravishingly appetizing meals incessantly round the clock; appease their diabolical gluttony to the most unprecedented limits,

Some wanted her to keep their abodes immaculately clean; affording them a world of ostentatious serene and spotless calm,

Some wanted her to indefatigably their inferno of lustful desire; give them the everlasting happiness of their lives,

Some wanted her to be gorgeously tall; tantalizing them into a tornado of fantasy; which transcended each crescendo over the fathomless sky,

Some wanted her to be catty eyed; deluging their impoverished existence with mountains of charismatic mysticism and enigmatic charm,

Some wanted her to be utterly dumb; an object of irrefutable timidity; upon which they lambasted upon their ocean of devilishly dictatorial commands,

Some wanted her to be incredulously influential; tirelessly blending with pompously inflated party culture; winning the most formidable in the world with her; spuriously scented slang,

Some wanted her to be an invincible fortress; behind whom they could hide and save their skins; in the most torrentially treacherous of attacks,

Some wanted her to be an uninhibited comedian; infiltrating vividly through their despairing agony; with her unending repertoire of spell binding jokes and humor,

Some wanted her to be immensely educated; virtually acquiring all the degrees in the world; to support them and their insurmountably augmenting commandment of gargantuan family,

Some wanted her to be an inborn artist; majestically sketching their ludicrous visages; portraying their manipulative smile at its best to the outside world,

Some wanted her to be profoundly rustic; transiting them back into their timeless rudiments; passionately inhaling their impressions of their ancient kind,

Some wanted her to be overtly focussed; inspiring them every unleashing second in life; uplifting their bulky bodies from the ground; everytime they felt disastrously exhausted to walk,

Some wanted her to be a versatile Doctor; curing them of their inexplicable grave of dwindling disease; applying the balm of her medicine and love on their commercial wounds,

Some wanted her to be a mesmerizing psychic; forecasting their glorious destinies accurately at each step; alleviating them from the stinking pile of rubble and inconspicuous ash,
Well some wanted her like this; While some wanted her like that,

While frankly speaking; it really didn't matter to me; even if she was deaf; dumb; blind; maimed; short; thin as a bone or disdainfully fat; as long as she harbored
the ideals of philanthropic humanity in her every breath; or to simply put it as long as my life partner was simply human.

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