Love After Love

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



There was color after color had forever finished; when you uninhibitedly winked; under the Omnipotently steaming rays of the majestically
afternoon Sun,

There was excitement after excitement had forever finished; when you
paraded barefoot on sensuous mud; and commanded the clouds to
inexhaustibly thunder and rain,

There was empathy after empathy had forever extinguished; when the whites of
your eyes moistened in profound concern; at the tiniest cry of eternal living kind,

There was strength after strength had forever dissolved; when you unflinchingly paraded in the most vindictively devastating of maelstrom; brilliantly metamorphosing all ghoulishly subjugated misery into an immortal love paradise,

There was hope after hope had forever deteriorated; when you symbiotically
smiled towards the boundless heavens; royally liberating every tense pore of
your fantastically enamoring skin,

There was peace after peace had forever vanquished; when you celestially
chanted the mantra's of harmoniously proliferating existence; in blistering
day and enchanting midnight; wonderfully alike,

There was fertility after fertility had forever crumbled; when you sowed the
first seeds of timelessly synergistic existence; in every ingredient of the
atmosphere and charismatically poignant soil,

There was optimism after optimism had forever ended; when you royally stared
for just a fraction of a second; towards every conceivable dimension of haplessly staggering planet earth,

There was humanity after humanity had forever collapsed; when you compassionately embraced every organism; irrespective of caste; creed or
color and perpetually in your invincibly Omnipotent swirl,

There was beauty after beauty had forever vanished; when you miraculously
rejuvenated every dying leaf of mother nature; with the Omnipotently unassailable power in your redolent palms,

There was oneness after oneness had forever died; when you unequivocally
hoisted even the most despicably beleaguered orphan as well as the most
wealthiest of organism; in your Godly palms; Omnisciently alike,

There was triumph after triumph had forever drowned; when you ubiquitously
entwined your Omnipresently unassailable fingers; with every haplessly tormented organism's palms; on this limitless earth,
There was truth after truth had forever evaporated; when you uttered even
the most faintest of whisper; from the realms of your mellifluously unfettered and tirelessly blessing throat,

There was fantasy after fantasy had forever massacred; when you perennially
metamorphosed even the most tiniest trifle of gory suffering; into an entrenchment of exuberantly golden dewdrops,

There was brotherhood after brotherhood had forever desecrated; when you
left the impressions of your insuperably sacred persona; upon every perceivable cranny of delinquently derelict soil,

There was passion after passion had forever shriveled; when you perpetually
ignited the fires of blazingly undefeatable righteousness; in every lividly flaccid and victimizingly dilapidated corner of this limitless planet,

There was belief after belief had forever faded; when you spell-bindingly
expounded upon the fantastically egalitarian principles of inevitably symbiotic life and death,

There was breath after breath had forever diminished; when you miraculously
mitigated every stonily dead corpse; towards the mists of eternally jubilant paradise,

There was innovation after innovation had forever gone; when you created an
infinite virile and regale earth's out of sheer vapid nothingness; even as
you transited into unshakably deep sleep,

And there was love after love had forever dissipated; when you ardently looked at every organism on this boundlessly effervescent Universe; letting a singleton beat of your heart; wholeheartedly and eternally spawn into a cosmos of unbreakable friendship; beauty and philanthropic desire.

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