Love At First Sight

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



I didn't know who she was; what was her veritable name,

I had no idea how she looked; the most minuscule perception of her shadow,

I was completely oblivious to the color of her hair; the shade of mascara she
applied to her eyes,

I didn't know where she lived; the slightest of insinuation regarding her religion,

I was wholesomely unaware of the cadence of her voice; the tone in which she spoke,

I miserably dithered in guessing her true age; wasn't apprised the least of the course she was studying,

I failed to conceive whether she was rich or indigent; the hierarchy that possessed her,

I never could imagine the silhouettes of her lips; the freckles prevalent in tandem on her face,

I hadn't the slightest premonition about her nature; whether she was tranquil or loved to menacingly shout,

I couldn't contemplate the people she liked; the hobbies that entrenched her life in her pastime,

I had never visualized her stature; whether she was tall or abnormally midget,

I didn't know the rings that adorned her fingers; the texture of the fabric that embellished her countenance,

I was at a profound loss of her words to describe her dreams; the things which
she fantasized about the most,

I appeared imbecile when someone queried me about her looks; whether she was
ominous as the diabolical monster; or was a replica of godly white,

I hadn't the slightest idea of the food she liked; the appetizing delicacies that titillated her appetite,

I was badly befuddled; at a loss for words; when quizzed about the places she
adored; the animals she liked,
I couldn't cogitate the least regarding her hair; whether it cascaded down till the floor; or she had it as short as a man,

I didn't know where she last came from; the next step she was going to tread in town,

Yet when we met; banging inadvertently against each other on the crowded street; our eyes seemed locked till infinite times; the words I Love You; just mumbled out themselves; and we were proud to proclaim that it was indeed 'LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT'.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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