Love Had Never Seemed So Immortal

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Food had never seemed better than it did today; when I was profusely famished to the last core of my bedraggled intestines; frantically dithering in dungeons of bizarre starvation,

The valley had never seemed so mesmerizing than it did today; when I found every cranny of my devastatingly monotonous countenance; wholeheartedly breaking free;
from chains of tyrannical deprivation,

Sleep had never seemed so grandiloquent than it did today; when I was indefatigably exhausted to the last bone of my treacherously withering spine; and every beleaguered bone of my body; intransigently refused to go even a step further,

Poetry had never seemed so sparkling than it did today; when I uninhibitedly unveiled the disastrously manipulative arenas of my commercially stringent brain; into a fathomless world of fantasy and tantalizingly never-ending desire,

Fur had never seemed so compassionate than it did today; when I uncontrollably trembled in the desolate chill; with nothing but ungainly solitariness; camouflaging me insidiously from all sides,

Roses had never seemed so exotic than they did today; when I pathetically staggered on every step I alighted; insurmountably asphyxiated by the winds of bizarre bloodshed and satanically vicious lechery,

Tears had never seemed so heartwarming than they did today; when I witnessed my long lost mate in robustly blissful form and resplendently bouncing; after centuries immemorial,

Artistry had never seemed so exquisite than it did today; when I frolicked in the garden of voluptuous enchantment; far away and wholesomely oblivious to the
parasitic vagaries; of this blood sucking planet,

The ocean had never seemed so reinvigorating than it did today; when I voraciously blended each pore of my disdainfully squalid body with the tangy waves; after
almost a decade of rotting in the viciously dilapidated gutters,

Speed had never seemed so exhilarating than it did today; when I reached the dwelling of my perniciously extinguishing kin; just flash seconds before they
could bid a royal adieu; to the overwhelming mysticism of this perpetual earth,

Light had never seemed so Omnipotent than it did today; when I despondently transgressed through a tunnel of gruesome blackness; with the lids of my eyes
savagely sealed by chains of dolorous prejudice,

The pen had never seemed so priceless than it did today; when I churned an unfathomable epic of poignant emotions with its embellished nib; candidly baring out
the inner most recesses of my aimlessly loitering soul,

Smiles had never seemed so gratifying than they did today; when I felt gorily constipated in a web of blatantly hideous lies; burying my face deep down in
dust; to chat with the remorsefully diminutive worms in black soil,

Rainbows had never seemed so vivacious than they did today; when I venomously stagnated in the aisles of insatiably penalizing depression; counting the last days of my life even in the absolute prime of; scintillating nubile youth,

Whistles had never seemed so replenishing than they did today; when I frenziedly groped for the right direction; wholesomely lost amidst the terrorizing maze of; stoically impersonal space age robots,

Mirrors had never seemed so congenial than they did today; when I ardently waited for an invincibly philanthropic friend to lean upon; amusing my impoverished senses with my very own minuscule reflection; for infinite more births of mine yet to

Butterflies had never seemed so frolicking than they did today; when I lay penuriously maimed in corridors of devilishly lambasting hell; irrevocably entrenched by a wall of invidious nothingness,

Breath had never seemed so Omnipotent than it did today; when I was miserably slithering on the ground without the most infinitesimal trace of heavenly air;
about to completely abnegate my senses forever; to disappear into non-existent wisps of tragic oblivion,

And love had never seemed so immortal than it did today; when my heart was tumultuously throbbing for the girl whom I had perennially desired; the soul mate
for which each beat intensely flaming in my chest; could  die this very instant for.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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