Love Is Not Just A Dream

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Love is not just a definition,
It is a boundless reservoir of empathy; not yielding the slightest even in the most acrimonious of storm.

Love is not just a word,
It is an impregnable fortress; which withstands the most mightiest of condemnation and torrential attack.

Love is not just a desire,
It is an immortal relationship; blossoming into a festoon of benign goodness as each instant unveiled.

Love is not just an infatuation,
It is an astounding rainbow inundated with infinite colors and charm; bonding in threads of a perpetual relationship for centuries immemorial.

Love is not just a gift,
It is the summit of ultimate ecstasy in every living beings life; escalating like an untamed inferno; seductively over the starry skies.

Love is not just a philosophy,
It is a perennially sacred verse; which miraculously alleviates the most gruesome of suffering; by its mere incantation from the periphery of the lips.

Love is not just a spark,
It is an everlasting desire which astonishingly proliferates as time passes; transcending over the worst of boredom; misery and pain.

Love is not just a titillation,
It is an enchanting caress which makes you feel the richest entity alive; embracing all religion and mankind; in the swirl of its Omnipotent aura.

And love is not just a dream,
It is an immortal reality which has been there even before this earth was created; bonding hearts all across the trajectory of this boundless Universe in its enthralling entrenchment; giving them a reason to beat.

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