Love Is The Most Immortal.

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Justice is the most stupendously grandiloquent; when sagaciously dispensed from the palms of irrefutably sparkling and unconquerable righteousness,

Scent is the most rhapsodically charismatic; when it ardently wafts from the marvelously poignant belly; of handsomely scarlet rose,

Rain is the most gloriously enthralling; when it cascades in tumultuously frenzy from the fathomlessly majestic blanket; of scintillatingly silver clouds,

Milk is the most impeccably sacrosanct; when it delectably oozes from divinely Mother cow's; blissfully untainted countenance,

Salt is the most ebulliently vivacious; when it uninhibitedly diffuses in torrentially euphoric spurts; from the gorgeously undulating waves of the; mystically
resplendent ocean,

Pearls are the most incredulously enamoring; when they celestially pop out in bountifully perennial abundance; from the soul of the royally immaculate oyster,

Melody is the most wonderfully epitomized; when it eternally gyrates from the astoundingly spell binding and magnificent beak; of the sapphire crested nightingale,

Beauty is the most Omnipotently well defined; when it unequivocally radiates from the eyes of all those harmoniously innocent; synergistically surviving in the true
spirit of Godly life,

Dew drops are the most voluptuously seductive; when they profusely titillate the magically tranquillandscape; of panoramically inscrutable grass,

Hope is the most unassailably priceless; when it intransigently sparks from the profoundly innocuous whites; of unflinchingly optimistic eyes,

Artistry is the most ingeniously innovative; when it intrinsically fulminates from the heavenly entrenchments of mystically boundless; Mother Nature,

Light is the most impregnably Omnipotent; when it spawns from the lap of the flamboyantly flaming; and profusely poignant island of fiery Sun,

Wind is the most exotically ravishing; when it celestially originates; from the magnanimously sensuous cocoon of; compassionately foliated and pristine
tree leaves,

Honesty is the most unchallengeably candid; when it sparklingly evolves from the inner most realms of; the unsurpassably truthful conscience,

Dexterity is the most magnanimously brilliant; when it emanates from the Omnisciently impeccable breath; of the miraculously mischievous and freshly
born infant,

Graciousness is the most splendidly humanitarian; when it sprouts from the perpetually redolent flower; of timelessly amiable benevolence,

Philanthropism is the most perennially rejuvenating; when it selflessly stems from the roots of everlastingly enchanting; tree of undefeatable humanity,

Breath is the most veritably vital and overwhelmingly enthralling; when it ubiquitously disseminates from the gregarious nostrils; of unequivocally compassionate sharing,
Life is the most vividly versatile and marvelously rhetoric; when it springs from all those stalwarts patriotically existing; and instilling the elements of bountiful creation; in one and all of divinely mankind; alike,

And love is the most immortally mesmerizing; when it glitters in holistically harmonious symbiosis from the inner most core; of the humanitarianly humble heart.

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