Love Is The Most Sacred Form Of God

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Love is a cloudburst of emotions; a torrential downpour of feelings from the inner most core of the heart,

Love is a rainbow of mesmerizing colors; effusively portraying the insatiably volatile urges of existence,

Love is a fathomless art; encompassing the most exotic elements of bountiful creation,

Love is an immortal seed; which blossoms into a festoon of blissfully invincible relationships,

Love is an ocean of benevolence; which propagates its ubiquitous essence all across the territories of this colossal Universe,

Love is a tantalizing fountain; which showers its droplets of philanthropic gratitude; uninhibitedly on all who happen to trespass its sacred grace,

Love is infinite beams of the profusely ecstatic Sun; shimmering a path of optimistic hope in the lives of those deluged with inexplicable despair,

Love is a melodious song; which enthralls and profoundly captivates even the most remotely alien; in the swirl of its enchanting cadence,

Love is an overwhelmingly turbulent storm; which thoroughly incarcerates even the most prejudiced of individuals in the aura of its poignant form,

Love is an impregnable bridge; getting more and more fortified; with the thunderously throbbing intensity of fervent breath,

Love is a stupendously fragrant flower; dissipating its unbiased scent in every disastrously impoverished soul,

Love is a harbinger of peace; a bird which unrelentingly soars high in the clouds of supremely incredulous freedom,

Love is an ingratiating fantasy; which never ends; culminating into a celestial paradise of insurmountable harmony,

Love is a magical wand; which heals the most ghastliest of wounds; with the divinely ointment of its Omniscient caress,

Love is a perennially sparkling waterfall; which cascades down into a pool of blissfully everlasting contentment,

Love is an overwhelmingly precious jewel; which keeps on indefatigably scintillating; even after the most inconspicuous trace of light; fades gruesomely forever,

Love is an arrow of unsurpassable victory; possessing the tenacity to permeate through the hearts of even the most diabolical of monsters,

Love is a candle; which inexorably burns; illuminating the most morbidly gloomy ambience; with the formidable glow of compassionate mankind,

Love is a Mother; who induces her intimately caring virtue in each child of the Almighty Creator,

Love is an idol of heavenly prosperity; proliferating at astounding speeds; once introduced in the most rawest of its forms,

Love is an irrefutably sacred phrase; worshipped by people from all fraternities; since centuries immemorial,

Love is a resplendently alluring star; which radiates marvelous glory of truly benign existence,

Love is an island of pure honey; wholeheartedly embracing those shivering in tyrannical agony; within the corridors of its rejuvenating warmth,

Love is a priceless gift; which even all the assimilated power and wealth on this planet; miserably failed to purchase,

Love is an relentless epic; encapsulating the most fabulously exotic rhyme on the trajectory of this earth,

Love is the most sacred form of God; instilling Omnipotent beams of unshakable unity in every organism; inhaling air under blue sky,

Over and above all; Love is the sole reason why every single entity on this earth exists; infact the very beginning of passionately palpitating signs of vital life.

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