Love Is.

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Love is that eternally compassionate fire which never subsides; unrelentingly triggering untamed fireballs of insatiable desire; in every caste; creed; and
religion; thunderously alike,

Love is that voluptuously silken sky which never ends; torrentially pelting its droplets of divine brotherhood; upon even the most infinitesimally remote cranny of beleaguered earth,

Love is that timelessly priceless flower which never withers; ubiquitously wafting its scent of perpetually invincible harmony; to the most fathomless parts of this gigantically mesmerizing planet,

Love is that marvelously melodious bird which never plummets; perennially soaring through the clouds of grandiloquently majestic empathy; blessing all those
tyrannically deprived; for centuries immemorial,

Love is that unassailably towering mountain which never crumbles; intrepidly annihilating even the most minuscule trace of sinister evil; entrenching all
those with an impeccable soul in the mists of enchanting symbiosis,

Love is that robustly enamoring fruit which never decays; magnificently placating the traumatized agony of the entire earth; with its seeds of celestially unending procreation,

Love is that tantalizingly heavenly shadow which never fades; astoundingly weaving a web of spell binding enigma; upon all those brutally asphyxiated with a
miserably monotonous and manipulative life,

Love is that royally aristocratic feather which never deteriorates; metamorphosing your dreary caricature into one besieged with rhapsodic delight; perennially
placing you in clouds above the island of titillating paradise,

Love is that impregnably philanthropic fortress which never falls; sequestering all those savagely lambasted in its Omnipotent belly; irrefutably waving the flag
of mesmerizing mankind; for infinite more births to unveil,

Love is that wonderfully seductive whisper which never vanishes; fabulously instilling in you the beautifully eclectic art of sharing; intransigently teaching you
to respect and adore; all impeccably existing living kind,

Love is that Omnisciently royal angel which never wrongs; blissfully bequeathing the carpet of benign goodness; upon all those with a will to tranquilly and
synergistically survive,

Love is that amicably blossoming light which never extinguishes; perpetuating every dwelling stagnating in horrifically ghastly doom and misery; with the rays of optimistically Omnipotent hope,

Love is that resplendently fascinating sparkle which never dulls; candidly portraying to you your innermost self; bestowing the ominously prejudiced parts of your
conscience; with the magical rainbow of divine righteousness,

Love is that flamboyantly brilliant Sun which never sets; unfathomably blazing a path of radiant courage and everlasting bloom; upon all those disastrously dwindling towards lackadaisical despair,

Love is that enchantingly vibrant fantasy which never finishes; abundantly granting all those despicably orphaned an egalitarian right to holistically survive; incinerating a blaze of ardent innovation; even in the heart of the sordidly deadened night,

Love is that unshakably patriotic soldier which never staggers; forever glittering like the God's in the sky in the spirit of proliferating newness; veritably ensuring that life spawned gorgeously; on every advancing footstep,

Love is that poignantly crimson blood which never discriminates; blending every single organism across this boundlessly gregarious planet; in the threads of ever pervading humanity,

Love is that sensuously passionate breath which never dies; brilliantly evolving the most benevolently formidable of lives; unconquerably ensuring that every
immaculate organism bonded with the; Omnipresently divine,

And love is that ardently throbbing heart which never stops; immortally uniting all those with a fervent will to live and let live; in an ocean of gratifying
togetherness; in a garland of the fragrant divine.

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