Love Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Caress me; triggering every part of my diminutively impoverished countenance; to fulminate into a thunderstorm of sensuously exhilarating fantasy,

Kiss me; wildly igniting every dormant pore of my pathetically dwindling skin; to erupt into a paradise of everlastingly mesmerizing beauty,

Tickle me; making me mischievously reminisce all innocuously glorious moments of my philandering childhood; engulfing the mists of disparaging desperation  enshrouding my forehead with the hills of rollicking playfulness,

Pat me; compassionately consoling even the most infinitesimal pore of traumatized agony in my trembling soul; profoundly reinvigorating every step that I transgressed with the light of Omnipotent togetherness,

Cuddle me; resplendently tracing the murderously exhausted outlines of my sagging ribs; with the insatiably enchanting magic in your divinely fingers,

Enlighten me; Omnisciently filtering a path of magically proliferating righteousness in the chapter of my disastrously disappearing and faltering life,

Refresh me; voluptuously painting the canvas of my baselessly treacherous existence; with the colors of your panoramically spell binding enchantment,

Bless me; inundating the insidiously shattering threads of my life; with the untamed fires of perpetual truth; majestically blazing in your unflinching eyes,

Titillate me; indefatigably melanging the tantalizing rivulets of golden sweat in your ravishing visage; with the unparalleled heat that diffused from my form; all the time,

Fascinate me; unfurling into an unsurpassable entrenchment of exotically harmonious newness; marvelously awakening me from my despairing coffin of brutally sullen remorsefulness,

Pinch me; flirtatiously carving an unfathomable tunnel of desire through my obsoletely drifting senses; metamorphosing every diffidently deteriorating pore of
my body into a fathomlessly regale valley of perennial poetry,

Inspire me; incessantly urging me to intrepidly keep marching ahead; evolve into the Sun of unconquerably humanitarian victory on every step that I nimbly tread,

Drown me; profusely encapsulating even the most inconspicuous element of my truculently extradited demeanor; with the mantra of ecstatically symbiotic sharing,
Tempt me; inevitably evoking even the most dolorously deadened arena of my lackluster body; to timelessly coalesce with the profoundly unsurpassable artistry
diffusing from your breath,

Unwind me; uninhibitedly freeing every ingredient of asphyxiating manipulation from my countenance for centuries unprecedented; endowing a wind of eternal bliss upon every droplet of my invidiously evaporating blood,

Tame me; holistically blending the merciless prejudice ruthlessly ingrained in my worthless persona; with the pricelessly aristocratic rudiments of mother nature,

Embrace me; wholesomely bonding even the most feeble part of your magnetic body forever with mine; letting your amiably Omnipresent warmth; be my most faithful
friend till the end of my time,

Tease me; being the ultimate angel of my indigently cursed life; fomenting me to ebulliently explode into an insurmountably endless gorge of endless cries,

And love me; immortally uniting the beats of your philanthropically palpitating heart forever with mine; irrefutably making sure that not even the most minuscule of ghost or spirit could ever invade; our tireless rhyme.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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