Giving You The Essence Of My Soul

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018





Thirty Thousand Reads

Wow, my readers thank you, as you allowed me to emotional lead

Mentally bleed

My heart, my soul as I have given without you ever being deceived

For me to ever reach such a beautiful achieve

Inspiring notions for only you to believe

Intellectually conceive

However, it’s very lonely without all the accolades the daily props

The errors, the perfect words to write, the rewrites, mental musing, it sometimes feels like a spinning top

Novels, the short stories, my love of poems

A blanket for you, comfort to your eyes, heat from its warmth

Someone on here beautifully wrote, Death of Poets

To the eyes, words in all its splendid glory, yet for me, sipping on a glass of Moet

Keeping my head afloat, you better know it

I finally get the message as an author, it’s all about life’s defined mental jubilation

Sultry narratives for publication

Spiritual insightful supplications

The pros, and yes, even the cons

Soulful thoughts emerging as this poem continues on

When my mentality needs recharged, no echoing sound

No positive linking could be found

I take that back, someone special to me does seem to linger around

Closing my eyes trying to find some form of a common ground

As two stars collide

Connections always taking a backside ride

Sentiments have been accepted, yet cast aside

Ocean waves have hit the shore, swallowed up by its awaiting tide

Don’t make me chase you, as they say, even Doves have pride

To my readers, I hope to gain your utter most respect no matter what I write

At no time, mean words of contrite

I will always try to keep my expressive demeanor cheerful, bright

Rather wrong or right

And never try to lose sight

Thank you, readers, once again from the bottom of my heart

It doesn’t matter to me where you end or where you start

I will try my best to give you a reminisce of my inner sanctum, through my novels, short stories, or poems, as we come together and then depart

Just remember, no matter what you read under Kemy’s pen, it will always be my expressive heartbeat of poetic art 

Love and Hugs Kisses and Rubs,


© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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