"Blue Landscape"

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Blue Landscape

(Marc Chagall, “Couple in a Blue Landscape”, 1949)

They lie in the curve of the crescent moon, 
a cosmic cradle, a gondola hovering in the sky. 
He admires her lapis hair, her bare shoulders 

and sodalite skin. A thousand shades of blue flicker, 
rendering them luminous and ethereal as mermaids, 
blue-green women with bodies as ripe as dark plums.

Floating in a cerulean spotlight, her bare toes pearly 
and stricken blue, she strokes his hair, whispering of 
the secret world swelling in her stomach. Her bare belly 

echoes the curve of the moon, a swallowed pearl.
Seraphim twirl in the richness of a cobalt sky, swooping 
and diving like silent, moonstruck birds. Missile-shaped 

fish swim in the depths where elemental spirits swirl and 
crest like waves. Mythological beasts stalk this enchanted 
forest gone as blue-green as the flame in an emerald’s eye.

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