Miles Away

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Miles Larsson is making a three hour drive to his hometown for his father's funeral. As he makes this trip, he encounters a series of phone calls that will uncover the truth about him and his

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018




Miles Larsson eased onto the interstate, which was surprisingly empty. The sun was just setting, and the sky was no longer orange. Miles plugged his phone in and hooked it up to his Cadillac, as he drove. He checked his silver watch, knowing that he still had a good three hours, until he arrived in St. Bernard. He hadn’t made the drive from Mississippi to New Orleans in years, and it was a trip he never thought he’d make again. 

Miles cleared his throat, and picked up his phone. He went through his contacts and landed on his mother, Tanya. He paused and looked up at the road. The sound of his car and the sound of the road relaxed Miles, as he took a deep breath. He then scrolled past his mother’s name, changing his mind. Instead, he scrolled down to his sister, Millie. Miles pressed the call button and waited. 

“Hello?” Millie answered.

“Hey Millie,” Miles said.

“Miles? Is that really you?”

“Yeah. You seem shocked to be hearing from me.”

Millie gave a sarcastic laugh. “Well, I haven’t heard from you in years, Miles. Nobody has.”

“I know. I’ve been…busy.” Miles swallowed hard, after he spoke.

“I’m sure you have.”

Miles gave a long heavy sigh. “Look, I just called to let you know that I’m on way to St. Bernard now.”

“You’re coming here? Now?” Millie didn’t even try to hide the surprise in her voice. “Why?”

Miles squinted his eyes and looked at his phone. “Well, dad’s funeral is tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s just that…no one thought you’d be coming is all.”

“He was my father too, Millie.”

“I know, Miles. I know.” Millie took a brief pause, like she was thinking. “Maybe you should call mom though. You know, before you come all the way here.”

“Dad’s dead, Millie.” Miles had frustration in his voice. “I’m coming to pay my respects to my father.”

“I still think you should call mom.” Millie seemed anxious, when she spoke about her mother. “She’s in charge of the funeral, and you know how she gets, especially with you now.”

“Christ.” Miles placed his right hand on his forehead, with his left hand still on the wheel. “My job has nothing to do with the funeral or dad. I’m not even thinking about work right now. My job will only come up, if she brings it up. Okay?”

“Okay.” Millie took another brief pause. “I still think you should call her though.”

“I will,” Miles said truthfully. “Later.”

“Okay. Good luck.”

“One more thing, before you go.” Miles cleared his throat, before asking his daring question. “Do you know if Michelle and Thomas are going to be there?”

“I don’t know, Miles.” Millie spoke with sincerity. “No one has really talked to Michelle since you two split up.”

“Okay. I was just curious.” Miles merged into a different lane, as he was about to hang up. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” 

“Yeah.” Millie’s voice went soft. “See you tomorrow.”

Millie hung up, and Miles found himself merging back into the same lane he was previously in. 



Miles was still driving in silence, watching his headlights light up the road like a wildfire. His phone began ringing, and he saw that it was Jason on the caller id. He pressed the answer button without any hesitation. “This is Miles.”

“Hey Miles. It’s Jason. You told me to call you,” Jason said, as his nerves came through his voice. 

“Yes Jason. First thing’s first, you need to relax. I can hear the fear in your voice.” Miles rolled his eyes at the phone. “Now, do you and Malcolm have the package?”

“Yeah, we got it.” 

“Okay. Malcolm is going to go to the motel we talked about and deliver it.” Miles explained his plan slowly. “You’ll wait in the car for him, until he gets back with the money. $50,000.”

“Okay. And you’re sure these guys are legit?” Jason asked nervously.

“Yes. Why do you think they’re paying this much money?” Miles continued speaking in a slow manner. “They want what we got, which is hard to come by. And they know that I’m the only one who can deliver such goods. They’re legit, Jason.”

“Okay.” Jason showed a sign of relief. “We’re getting ready to leave now.”

“Call me when you get back with the money.” Miles increased his speed by ten miles per hour, as he spoke. “When I get back home, we’ll cut it, and then we’ll get back to our next business venture. Okay?”

“Okay,” Jason said. “Talk to you soon.”



Miles was rubbing the side of his face, as he was thinking about making his daring phone call. One job that Miles was never good at was being a husband, and being a dad was no easier, but he still had a need to see his son, even if it meant crawling out of a dark hole.

Miles went into his phone and came across Michelle’s name. He was surprised to still have her number, but he wouldn’t have been surprised if she changed it. Miles pressed the call button and waited.

“Hello?” Michelle answered.

“Michelle,” Miles said softly.

“Yes. May I ask who’s calling?”

“It’s…It’s Miles.”

Michelle stayed silent for a few moments. “Is it really you?”

“Yes.” Miles took a long deep breath. “It’s really me, Michelle.”

“What do you want, Miles?”

“Well, I don’t know if you know, but my dad has recently passed away.”

“Yeah, I heard.” Michelle cleared her throat and coughed. “Saw it on Facebook. I’m sorry.”

Miles placed his fist over his mouth for a quick second. “I was just wondering if you and Thomas were coming to the funeral. I’m on my way to St. Bernard for it, and I’d like to see him.”

Michelle sighed, like she was struck with annoyance. “I don’t think so, Miles.”

“Come on, Michelle.” Miles’ tone got lighter. “He’s my son. I deserve to see him.”

“You deserve to be in prison.” Michelle got angrier, as she spoke. “Pushing drugs, or whatever the fuck it is you do. I don’t want Thomas around that. I don’t want him around you.”

“I’m his father. And this is his grandfather’s funeral.”

Michelle breathed deeply, and Miles could hear her starting to well up. “I’m sorry about your father, Miles. But I can’t. Not again. Not with you. I got to go.”

“Michelle, please.” Miles began stuttering with his words. “I’m his father. This has nothing to do with us. I just want to see my boy.”

“Goodbye Miles.” Michelle hung up the phone, and Miles listened to the call end, with sorrow.



Miles was fighting back tears, after the call with Michelle. He continued driving in silence, and he thought about how he wouldn’t see Thomas at the funeral. One of Miles’ brightest outcomes of his father’s death had just slammed shut in his face. 

Miles went through the contacts on his phone again, and he went back to his mother’s name. He shook his head, cursing silently at himself. He quickly pressed the call button and glanced back towards the road. Every time the phone rang, it put more anxiety in Miles’ chest.

“Hello?” Tanya answered.

“Hey mom. How are you?” Miles asked with hesitation. 


“Yeah. It’s me.” Miles wiped the side of his mouth with his thumb. “Look, I’m just calling to let you know that I’m almost in St. Bernard, and that I’ll be at the funeral tomorrow.”

Tanya stayed silent for a few moments, but finally asked, “Why?”

Miles rubbed his fingers between his eyes. “Because he’s my father.”

“Why would you come, Miles?” Tanya’s voice was low with hate. “You know how your father felt about you.”

“Yes. I know.” Miles’ voice got low like his mother’s. “And I had some feelings towards him as well, but I’m putting that aside, because the man is dead.” 

“I’m sorry to say this, Miles, but you were already dead to him.” Tanya spoke with not a single sign of hesitation or regret. 

“That’s bullshit.”

“No. It’s not.” Tanya took a brief pause, like she was working up to say something. “Do you know what the last thing your father said about you was, Miles?”

Miles gave a sarcastic smirk at the phone, and shook his head. “No. What?”

“He said he wished that you didn’t turn out the way you did. And that he was glad you left.”

“You’re lying.” Miles could feel himself getting worked up. “You’re just trying to get me away from this funeral.”

“Your anger. Your violence. Your drug handling.” Tanya began speaking in a hushed tone. “It embarrassed him. Like you’ll embarrass yourself, if you come to the funeral.”

Miles placed both his hands on the steering wheel and increased his speed, while merging into the next lane. “Well, I’m coming. And I looking forward to giving you a big old kiss, Tanya.”

“You’re not getting near me. I don’t let drug addicts near me.”

“Oh, yeah! That’s how you feel!” Miles began yelling in his car. The anger rushed through him, like his car rushed through the interstate. “Fuck you, Tanya. FUCK YOU!” Miles hung up the phone, breathing like he’d just run a marathon. He’d never felt so hated in his whole life, which at that point, said a lot about how his family really felt towards him. Miles was no different than his father. He was dead to them.



Miles drove with his eyes glued to the road. He felt like he was in a form of shock. His foot kept releasing the gas, causing him to slow down. He knew he was almost in St. Bernard, but he didn’t want to be. He knew now that he never should’ve left Mississippi.

Miles phone suddenly rang, and the caller id said that it was Jason. Miles answered, hoping for good news. “This is Miles.”

“It was a set-up, Miles!” Jason yelled, as he sobbed though the phone. “They got Malcolm. I drove back to our place as fast as I could. Those guys were cops!”

“No. They can’t be,” Miles said softly.

“They know about us! They got us!” Jason was making noise in the background. “I’m packing up now. What do we do? We’re fucked, Miles!”

Miles stayed silent and closed his eyes, while shaking his head. He opened his eyes and looked at himself in the rearview mirror of his Cadillac.

Jason continued screaming on the phone. “Miles! Miles! Are you there? What do we do? Miles!”

Miles looked at his phone and ended the call. 


Miles unconnected his phone from the car and rolled down his window. He looked at the black screen, before tossing it out onto the highway. He rolled up his window and stared at the road ahead of him, which was lit up by his headlights. 



Miles shut off the headlights, and he was now driving in the dark. He pressed on the gas and increased his speed to the max. His blinked his eyes, and a tear fell from his right one. In just a few hours, whatever it was Miles had, was now gone, so he shut his eyes completely, letting the darkness drive for him. 








© Copyright 2018 Jordan Fos. All rights reserved.

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