"Paranormal expirence"

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Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



I had just finished giving the last tour for the night, I work for a 

Company that gives Ghost tours. Now I was still skeptical of the job because I he never expirenced any kinI had just finished giving the last tour of the night and was about to lock up the building for the night. I lived in Charleston South Carolina and I was an emplyee to a company that gives Ghost tours. Now I was still skeptical of the job because I he never expirenced any kind of paranormal activity in my life. 

However that was about to change tonight. I locked the door leading to the stairwell of the building. I then left the building it was about eleven thirty at night. The building had quit a haunted history it was around during world war 2. One of the biggest earthquakes had supposedly hit the city and the building wasn't affected by it. 
And the building had survived the great fire. I did one more look up at the ceiling of the building where I could see some rooms up above and noticed a light was on. My first instinct was "damn I somehow managed to leave the light on?" So I walked back inside the dark eerie building and unlocked the stairwell door and walked up the steps made a eerie creaking sound as I walked all the way to the fifth floor I opened the squeaky door to complete darkness. "What the? But the lights were on I was sure of it!" I said to myself. Oh well I turned around shut the door. On my way down I heard a loud thud sound and a laugh. I froze the laugh turned into a loud moaning sound and ended in a scream.
 I ran full force back up the stairs and into that room. I turned the lights on and the room was empty with just a few jail cells. I said on and turned the light off again and walked down the steps. I heard another sound this time it sounded like the door. I turned around and the door was open a crack,
 I sighed and started to walk up the steps when I got a creepy feeling like I was being watched.
 I got goosebumps I froze as the door then began to slowly shut it stopped just enough before it was fully closed for me to see a face starring at me. It looked like a women inmate from the early 1800's. Her stare was like death to me and then those thirty seconds felt like an eternity. The door then  slammed shut. I froze, I then got the courage and ran out of the building.
 I called my manager up on the phone and told him what had happened and that I thought a women was living inside the jail. The manager wasn't too happy being woken up by me in such a panic but he understood  since this was the first use this has happened to me. He told me I had seen a spirit, and that the building was in fact very haunted.
 Now I didn't know if I wanted to believe him, after all I have been working as a tour guid for seven years and I'm still doing it to this day but I have never experienced anything like that before, it was easier for me to believe that I had seen maybe a homeless person who was trying to live in the building but that seemed just as bad. I had hoped I would never see anything like that ever again. 
I go to church every Sunday now thinking that that will help...so far it has been.

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