When it is over

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A poem that won a spot in Poets of Maine on Amazon and a few local contests. This poem is about internal struggle and conflict resolution.

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



These dreams are the visions Of a broken, damaged mind. Desperation and desire leave a wilted life defined.

A shallow, shuttered figure stands amidst the glowing shell. A soul whos chains were heavy, and that dragged it down to hell.

The figure scoops the pieces up and holds them in his claws. He glances down and curls a wicked smile across his maw.

He knew what he was doing when he started all his games, And now that he had won he knew that he had all the fame.

The spotlight grew around him as his shroud was stripped away, a twisted despicable monster stood where the soul was left to play.

He cackled, grappling with the fact that he had finally won, and now that he succeeded, he was wondering if he was done.

He turned up towards the light and lept, he soared up flying miles, but the light was out of reach and he was falling down in style

. He landed on his feet and looked back up into his sky. Flying even higher still he bounded up again, but fell back down repeatedly, until there was an end.

Insane and angered, violence had swollen him to burst, he needed to snuff the light from life, he hungered and he thirst.

The creature knew though that light would forever be out of reach, so he went down, accepted his fate and found his little niche.

He crept inside and left behind his pursued hostile takeover, and whispered one last time, "wake me up when it is over"

As he slept for many years, the soul reforged its core. It exploded with a brilliance and illuminated more.

The soul had found the creature, shriveled up and rotten through, but the soul had felt so bad that its shine had wavered too

. He knew he needed someone in this cavern of a coil, and woke him up, and told the creature "hey, lets play a while".

The creature turned away from him, to bright to catch his eye, and said to him "Why do you want me here? I want to watch you die!"

The soul then bent down at its knees and whispers to the creature, "You and me, me and you, we are each others teacher".

"Now come and play, forget our past, come join me in the clover, and when this body dies, we will fight when it is over."

© Copyright 2019 Gene K. Barnes. All rights reserved.

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