Chronicles of Metro City: A Prostitute's Tale

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A young woman's tragic tale of the human condition of a struggle to make ends meet.

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 20, 2018



Chronicles of Metro City: A Prostitute's Tale


Life is tough in Metro City.  It's a place where if you have money, all of your dreams can come true. But if you're from the gutter, you will sink further and further and there is mostly no escape.  Now I am not dirty, and by no means a whore so please do not judge me.  My name is Kaylee Cross.

This is a hard story to tell, the memories and flashbacks have me in tears and panic attacks. I am here as we speak in a bed somewhere not knowing if I will make it out alive, not knowing if I will continue to live my life in danger. I’m going be a brave woman and say that this was all my fault and that my own greed got me into this state, I mean, I just wanted to be loved but I get so caught up in the moment that I can turn into such an evil bitch and then I realize the next day how horrible I was. In case you’re wondering I am a hooker/prostitute/sex worker whatever you want to call it, shouldn’t sex be one of the best hobbies ever, no matter who you do it with? Countless times I have been judged by people simply for my occupation yet none of them know the real me and they surely don’t know my story. I simply do what I must to make ends meet.

I didn’t know how this guy was gonna work out, usually I don't enjoy having sex with dirty old men.  He looked like he was around 65 to 70.  Usually, these older men provide good tips.  He looked at me and gave me the nush nod (something I like to call it), I was actually feeling frisky that day and didn’t hesitate to get into his car, during the ride to his place we didn’t really communicate that much, it was fairly quiet but not awkward. When we arrived at his place I knew straight away that he was middle/upper class, I know these things (curtain material, electrical appliances, home decor), he took me straight upstairs and we didn’t waste any time.

I woke up the next morning with him asleep next to me, I seen my salary on the table… $80.00? This guy can clearly afford more than that, I mean not only does he live alone he doesn’t even have any pets or anything, selfish bastard, his wallet caught my eye and.. you know what happened next. I called my best friend to tell her the news.

My next encounter was a regular, he even knew my name and was exceptional in the bedroom, I always secretly steal money out of his wallet; so much that it’s almost as if he knows that I do it. Not long after the session I quickly got my things and went.

My next customer was an interesting customer who I could actually relate to on a personal level. He was around the same age as me.  His name was Aaron.  Usually, it is very rare that I get clients in their early 20's.  This time I welcomed it.  We had really great sex; we tried many positions.  To top it off, he let out his juice all over my 34Ds. He is a big time pervert takes pride in being a pervert.  He left me a $150.00 for the night.  Considering his age, that wasn't too bad compared to some of the other cheapskates I've had to deal with.  I feel I will run into him again.

This next encounter was a rather strange man in his late 30's or early 40's who had a charming personality.  He was tall, blonde haired, blue eyed with a crew cut, and an English accent.  At the same time, he had an eerie presence.  I was quite reluctant to even get into his car at first which was strange because I’m always the fearless one, his presence gave me a weird feeling inside but that same feeling would soon turn to shock and excitement as we approached his house; or shall I say mansion. It was huge! Electric gates, multiple cars, swimming pool in the back garden, when we got inside he strangely let me have a look around, this place was amazing but the main thing that was getting me excited was $$$. I knew I had to try my best and make sure that he remembered me.

The sex was great, he really knew how to turn a woman on and unleashing the beast.  But I’m guessing he was just a lonely businessman. As usual I stayed the night. I was awoken to the blinding sunlight in my face and my phone ringing (another customer), I decided to ignore the call and sat up properly only to realize that the guy wasn’t next to me, I called his name (Greg) and searched around for him, I was confused but at the same time fuming; he only left me $60.00; fuck that! I searched his house for any type of valuable items, I took about $9,000 worth of jewelry and an iPhone I seen in the lounge, I then wrote a note beside his bed saying “two can play that game” and left, purposely not closing the front door behind me.

With my small fortune, I decided to pay a few bills with the money, get a new makeover and most importantly a new wardrobe, I felt like a queen and I knew that the other rivals on my block wouldn’t stand a chance. I didn’t even get to my spot yet and I was already approached but this guy looked like a skinny version of Shrek and had very yellow teeth, I told him to move along and didn’t look twice. 10 minutes later I was approached by another man, he didn’t look familiar at all and wasn’t from my area by the sound of his eastern European accent.  He had dark brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. I got into his car and put my seat belt on and I can see him staring at me the whole time, I looked sexy. Every moment he had he would look into my face and smile, I just went along with it and smiled back. Around 10 minutes later we were close to approaching his hou… mansion, it was very dark but this mansion looked amazing, huge with electric gates and .. hold on, this was the same mansion I robbed from the other week.

“I know what you did to my employer” The guy said

I tried to open the door but it was locked, I screamed for help but nobody was around to hear me!

After than man parked the car, he got out, opened the door and grabbed me, and dragged me into the mansion.

"There's someone who would like to have a word with you", the man said.

I looked straight up and saw Aaron.  I thought to myself. "Ohh shit!"

"Well, well, looks like the bitch has been brought back.  I enjoyed our time together and it was such a shame that you had to pull off your little charade. It's only fair that I get compensated and make a profit for my misfortune.  Wouldn't you agree?" Said the Greg.

"What do you mean?" I said in a puzzled look.

"Most likely you've spent the money that you stole from me.  It is very unlikely that you can ever repay me back.  So I made other arrangements to get compensated.  Let me introduce you to two friends of mine who will take good care of you from now on." Said Greg with a smirk.

Suddenly, two men made their way into the luxurious living room.  One of them was a tall and thin wearing a purple suit, with fedora hat, and was carrying a luxurious cane.  Right away I knew he was the legendary pimp, Joe Knight.

Joe Knight owned a lot of Nightclubs and strip clubs in Metro City.  Also, he frequently had many brothels, and had access to many whores.  In fact, it is said that he owns an entire condo complex which housed for all his whores.  The other man with him was his bodyguard, Andre Lucas.  Andre was a hulk of a man with a tall, muscular, cold, and intimidating presence. 

Joe Knight handed Greg $20,000.00 in Cash in exchange for owning Kaylee Cross. 

I couldn't believe what was happening.  I was being sold to a pimp.  There is nothing I could do.  I can't go to the police.

"Greg, you can't do that," I shouted.

"Actually, I can.  You see, there's no one you can really turn to.  The cops won't help you.  Even if I killed you at this very moment, no one would care.  A dead prostitute found in a dumpster is another city statistic.  Nobody will care if you disappear. I'm actually doing you a favor.  You're only good for looking pretty, taking off your clothes, and having sex.  A perfect personified bimbo."

"Gentlemen, can you please take your property.  It was a pleasure doing business." Said Greg.

Suddenly, Andre grabbed my arm and escorted me to a Cadillac Escalade.  Right there and then, I knew, my luck had just changed for the worse.  I will be a prostitute serving Joe Knight until I either get killed or commit suicide.  I had my head down in tears.

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