I admit

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



I wish I were silent, I wish I had not disclosed

The feelings in my heart for you that I stored

How could I be so impatient and pushed for time?

The world we were in, seems in comparison quite sublime!


I wish I had never asked you for the desired yes from my side

I’m embarrassed on why my feelings I could not hide!

Making a haste was the first ever blunder on my part

I wonder why on earth I couldn’t silence my heart!


I wish I could have zipped my lips and lock my tongue

I didn’t; that’s why my love will remain forever unsung!

Unfolded the rhymes in my eyes, I didn’t wait

Nothing else would spring now but yes the ‘silent hate’


You could not comprehend my abrupt speech

For you to be my one and only, I longed to beseech!

Now I feel abashed; ill at ease that I can’t explain

The castle of friendship we’d made will all be in vain!


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