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#Series Stories By J.Praise.

TITLE: The Path Of Promise

(Episode 1)


Winifred tucked back her hair from her face, as she glanced down at the pale silver necklace she had in her hand. It reminded her the memories of John, her first love.

She was only a teenage girl when she fell so deeply in love with John. They were both in their final class in High school. John was the captain of the school football team, and she was also the cheerleader. Aside been attracted to each other, the chemistry between them was intense and undeniable.

Winifred lifted her hand to touch her lips, as she remembered the first kiss they ever shared. It was ripe, full and deserving. Her head was blown in the frenzy wind of intoxication, as it lingered like forever. They both hung, tasting, and savouring the sweetness born on their lips.

But, all of that is only a memory to her now. A feeling of 10years ago. They both drifted apart like birds blown in the thunderstorms of fate. After high school, her parents had agreed she continues her college studies abroad. That was the storm that broke them without redress. Eventually she lost contact with John. And gradually uncertainty sets in.

She had returned 3years ago, hoping to find John but all to no avail. John had moved out of the city he was staying then, to a complete unknown destination to her. Even after many enquiry to seek him out, he was stuck between nowhere.

She caressed the necklace she had in her hand. It was John's promise to her before she travelled 10years ago.

"I'll be here when you come back" John had told her that night.

She let the necklace drop to her feet.

In as much as she wants to linger with the memory of John, she has no choice but to let go. She's getting married in 2weeks. John is only a memory now. He remains in her past forever.

"Good bye John" she murmured as she left to Join the rest in the sitting room.


"...I can't wait to walk down the aisle with you finally" Daniel said as he caressed and cupped Winifred's face with his hands.

"I will run down the aisle with you" She replied teasing.

They both laughed and kept on teasing.

Daniel had met her during one of her search for John. He was nice and helpful too. He had encouraged her to move on with her life, and not to live in the depths of drowning pasts. As expected, they both had a "make out" and here they are, set to getting married in less than 2weeks now.

"Can I ask you a question?" Daniel said as he stopped to look her in the eye.

She nodded.

"If happens you get to meet John now. Would you leave us for him?" He asked still looking into her eyes.

The question came with a lot of chills, it ran down her spine and her voice began to flutter. Would she leave for John? What if she meets John eventually? Her head pooped with questions.

"I don't know..." She finally said.

Daniel felt pushed in a contempt. She understood his fears, and she had hers too.

"But, I believe he won't" She had to say something to Make the both of them feel better. But her feelings was set in disdain.


It was 5days to the deal day, and Daniel's house was almost filled to the roof with friends and colleagues. He introduced her to all of them as they sat together watching television and talking.

A car pulled at the drive way, and a flair of Ecstasy crossed Daniel's face.

"That should be Desmond!" He announced.

Daniel had always talked about his friend who was an Engineer abroad. He said they were more like brothers. He had earlier informed her that he would be honoring their wedding invitation. Winifred was anxious to meet Desmond, she heard a lot about him already.

"Daniel..!" The voice came immediately they both stepped outside.

"Desmond!" Daniel hurried to hug his long time friend who was packing his stuffs from the back of the car.

They both hugged, joked, kicked, and laughed out loudest. They kept making jokes as Winifred walked to join them at the driveway.

She stopped as she caught a clear sight of Desmond. He was a muscular rounded young man, well kept, and a line beneath his jaw crossing his face to almost a perfect "V". He had an appreciated height and wore the most dark pair of eyes she'd ever seen. You could mistake him for John. But wait...

He looks exactly like John!

She was in her thoughts when the two men noticed her presence.

"Oh, Desmond meet Winifred" "My wife to be" He added.

This time Desmond was staring like Winifred now. He was in shock, no matter how he tried to hide it.

"Desmond?" Daniel must have noticed too. He called him to life.

"Oh sorry, I mean she is beautiful" he tried his best to keep composure.

"I'm Desmond" he extended a hand of pleasantry.

Winifred reciprocated, and they both had a proper introduction.

They all proceeded inside, where they spent most of the afternoon Talking and making merry. But all through, Desmond avoided every possible eye contact with Winifred, no matter how hard she tried throwing him a look. Something was unsure about Daniel's friend. At first he looked like John, and then the look of shock on his face when he saw her.

I will only be fooling myself if I think he could be John. But something is strange about Daniel's friend. There's something about Desmond that stills my heart and unbalance my soul at the same time.

Whatever that is, I'm going to find out.


She said to herself.

*Continues Episode 2*

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