Love Was In The Air

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Every rose in the bountiful gardens profoundly bloomed with it; blissfully assimilating its enchanting goodness in each of its vivaciously redolent petals,

Every beam of the miraculously Omnipotent Sun profusely blazed with it; triumphantly pronouncing its unflinchingly spell binding impression upon the
colossal Universe,

Every droplet of the ravishingly mesmerizing waterfall marvelously glimmered with it; casting an irrefutably unconquerable spell of divine exoticism upon each organism alive,

Every leaf of the mystically corrugated tree exuberantly swirled with it; ebulliently leaping towards celestial paradise; in the swirl of its compassionately poignant caress,

Every seductively tantalizing nightingale timelessly sung it; gorgeously portraying its astoundingly unfathomable charisma; to the entire beleaguered planet outside,

Every enamoring rainbow in the fathomless cosmos danced euphorically to its tunes; culminating into an incredulously amazing kaleidoscope of panoramic beauty; and rejuvenating color,

Every blade of harmoniously nimble grass ecstatically swayed to it; innocuously fulminating its sensuous cascade of golden dewdrops; as vibrant dawn overtook
the complexion of the ghastly night,

Every ingratiatingly silken web insurmountably dazzled with it; divinely dissipating its unassailably Omnipotent glow; to all those miserably dithering towards the aisles of treacherous nothingness,

Every exotically crimson cloud torrentially showered it; engulfing bizarrely barren landscapes of malicious prejudice; with incomprehensibly unending spurts of
holistic symbiosis,

Every amiably philandering meadow gregariously harbored it; harnessing the tree of invincible humanity; with its perennial tributaries of uninhibited freedom,

Every wonderfully soaring bird affably encapsulated it; flooding each element of the dolorously sultry atmosphere around; with waves of unbelievably Omniscient charisma,

Every mystically chanting cuckoo majestically whispered it; ubiquitously disseminating its relentless glory; to the most obscurely ethereal regions of this limitless planet,

Every voluptuously scented root proudly possessed it; unequivocally depicting to one and all alike; that it was the most quintessential rudiment of every organism
to survive,

Every boisterously bubbling bee made it the honey of its hive; ecumenically oozing its entrenchment of perpetual sweetness; overtoppling the hideous devil with its melody of; everlasting togetherness,

Every serenely pacifying dusk pricelessly encompassed it; entirely metamorphosing every heinously barbaric into an apostle of peace; with its impregnable chapters of eternal contentment,

Every rhapsodically drifting wind intransigently embraced it; basking in the unprecedented aura of its timeless sensuousness; for centuries immemorial,

Every holistically truthful soul indefatigably lived it; naturally letting its immaculately godly elements; take wholesomely gratifying control for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Every resplendently jubilant breath stupendously relished it; insatiably suckling unsurpassable fireballs of inspiration from its Omnipresent grace; to forever emerge a philanthropic winner in the chapter of vivid existence,

O! Yes love was profusely there in the air; Love was profusely there in every synergistically beautiful element of this gigantic earth; Love was profusely there in every human poignantly existing,

And more exclusively than anything; Love had taken an immortal bondage of their hearts tonight; with their innocent spirits amalgamating as a singleton idol of
unconquerable timelessness; under the milky downpour of the sacrosanct Moon.

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