Love, Love And Only Love

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



When I was trespassing through the profusely verdant  lawns; I waited for the rain to pelt down in tumultuous fury; drench every agonized pore of my skin with mesmerizing globules of water,

When I was wandering through the dungeons; I waited for the serpent to crawl up my nape; mystically whisper its tales of ingratiating enchantment into the chords of my sensitive eardrum,

When I was loitering through the aisles of the grandiloquent hotel; I waited for my fellow compatriot waiter to serve me dinner; and invite me wholeheartedly inside,

When I was lying on the temple doorstep; I waited for the sacrosanct bells to ring; God's approbations to the new expeditions of my unveiling life,

When I was digging sandcastles on the shores; I waited for the tangy waves to engulf me in entirety; catapult and wholesomely encapsulate in the realms of exuberant

When I was contemplating on the 100th floor of the colossal edifice; I waited for the conglomerate of voluptuously seductive clouds to majestically sweep past my rubicund cheeks,

When I was pathetically strangulated in the monotonous office; I waited for those moments when I would race out like a volcano; thump my fists in unprecedented
exhilaration towards blissful carpets of breeze,

When I was tossing in inexplicable nervousness on my king poster bed; I waited for my revered mother to give me a peck on my cheek; make me feel like the most
invincible entity on this Universe,

When I was incarcerated by the winds of thunderously snoring sleep; I waited for unfathomably gorgeous dreams to perpetuate into my mind; transport me into a
land of insatiable ecstasy,

When I was haplessly brooding over my brutal destiny on the cold ground; I waited for my mischievous sister to pummel me in the ribs; make me shrug all responsibility to be a new born child once again,

When I was on the astronomically mammoth summit of the mountain; I waited for the first rays of the Omnipotent Sun to kiss me; completely annihilate even
the most minuscule trace of devil lingering in my countenance,

When I was in the heart of the jungle; I waited for the royally undaunted lion to arrive; instill in me loads of incomprehensible conviction; with just his single solitary roar,

When I was overwhelmingly tense and frazzled beyond capacity under the mind-boggling work load; I waited for a magnanimous yawn; releasing me uninhibitedly
from corridors of desperation,

When I was seated abreast the golden mellow of the ornate candle; I waited for infinite lines of romantic poetry to flow in torrential downpours from my
fingers; encompassing all the fragrant beauty whispering on this planet,

When I was staring unrelentingly towards the cosmos; I waited for the resplendent moon to arrive; illuminate the profound darkness of my soul with its festoon of
immaculately shimmering rays,

When I was relentlessly marching on my path to save dwindling humanity; I waited for blessings to shower from the sky; to metamorphose my humble mission into a
perpetual reality,

When I was dozing under the gigantic tree; I waited for the coconut to trip down; pacifying the traumatized valleys in my throat with its stupendously
rejuvenating water,

When I robustly inhaling and alive; I waited for the divine light to prudently guide me; engender me to sacrifice my life for irrefutable justice to every living kind,

When I was traversing past the morbid graveyard; I waited for breath to relinquish me in entirety; bond me forever with my mates sleeping blissfully beneath the soil,

And when I was in front of my immortal beloved; I waited for her to say I LOVE YOU, making me entirely oblivious to the most treacherous of pain on my body;
making me speak, worship; and die for; LOVE, LOVE AND ONLY LOVE.

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