Man And God

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Man pathetically stumbled on every step that he tread; taking Herculean loads of time to find his footing amidst the perilously slippery landscapes,
God unassailably controlled even the most infinitesimal movement of every entity; tangible or intangible on the trajectory of this fathomless earth; majestically and all the time.

Man profoundly concentrated only at one thing at a time; sporadically fantasizing every now again; into an entrenchment of insatiable wilderness,
God unshakably controlled even the most mercurial thought that diffused from the minds of every organism; on the canvas of this bountifully resplendent Universe.

Man committed an unsurpassable ocean of fallacies in his lifetime; inevitably erring when the winds of difficulty crept in an iota too harshly for the nimbly ingratiating body,
God irrefutably controlled even the most parsimonious traces of destiny of every organism; being the overwhelmingly impeccable entrenchment of righteousness in its soul.

Man ludicrously wilted as the horrifically ghastly impediments in his way; intensified their pressure an infinitesimal trifle,
God regally controlled even the most inconspicuous trace of strength of every organism; philanthropically endowing it with an insurmountable tenacity to massacre all evil with the sword of eternally scintillating humanity.

Man unwittingly wilted under the truculent pressure of the savagely acrimonious society; clambering the ladder of blatantly gory lies right since the very first cry of life,
God Omnisciently controlled even the most diminutive cry of every organism; metamorphosing its salaciously abusive demeanor into a fathomless paradise of
patriotic truth.

Man disastrously failed at umpteenth occasions of mystical life; spending many an indefatigable night in the dungeons of disparagingly inexplicable gloom,
God Omnipotently controlled even the most insipid longing of every organism; blazingly deluging its existence with an unending fireball of gloriously exhilarating optimism.

Man wholesomely shut his eyes at the downfall of midnight; sequestering himself in the impregnable delights of his abode to thoroughly wade off the onslaught of the mercilessly wandering devil,
God resplendently controlled even the most ethereal dreams of every organism; ingratiatingly embellishing its soul and conscience with a garland of perpetually
ubiquitous togetherness.
Man hopelessly sweated under the tyrannically treacherous rays of the Sun; disdainfully gasping for rejuvenating air in a civilization enshrouded with insidiously ghastly pollution,
God Omnipresently controlled even the most ephemeral breaths of every organism; bestowing it with a splendidly synergistic resilience; to lead a fathomless more lifetimes.

And man incessantly kept aimlessly strolling between the lanes of companionship and malicious betrayal; vacillating like an extinguishing matchstick to the whiplashes of unforgiving destiny,
While God immortally controlled even the most evanescent beat of every organism; flooding its survival with the waterfall of love; love and nothing else but everlastingly enchanting love.

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