Man-The Biggest Hypocrite

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



He thanked the simmering rays of the Sun from the innermost realms of his heart; for compassionately befriending his every heartlessly chilly winter morning,
Whilst the same man unrelentingly abused the same Sun for transforming him into a gutter of disdainful sweat; as the peak of afternoon crept by and he trespassed his terrace barefoot.

He thanked the voluptuous puffs of clouds for permeating each instant of his otherwise bedraggled day; with unparalleled  fantasies of desire; charm and inseparable longing,
Whilst the same man viciously abused the same clouds for bruising him beyond repair; as he stumbled into the valley shouting for his life; losing his footing into the velvety fading light.

He thanked the tree to no end for providing him the most blissful shade of his life; wading all his worries to an eternal rest as he uninhibitedly slept on its motherly trunk,
Whilst the same man intransigently abused the same tree for becoming an infuriating hindrance; as he frantically searched for his beloved amidst the fathomless network of forest grapevines; branches; stalks and leaf.

He thanked the gigantic waves till his last trace of voice; for rhythmically lifting his boat high and handsome towards the sky; with poetically vivacious strokes galore,
Whilst the same man bawdily abused the same waves for betraying him as he sank to the rock bottom of the ocean with his boat; suddenly not able to withstand the undefeated flamboyancy of the waves anymore.

He thanked the surreally silent night with all his might; for giving him that much needed inevitable reprieve from the vagaries of this planet; where every robotic morning of worry led him to think only suicide,
Whilst the same man unsparingly abused the same night for rendering him in a state of abject loneliness; deserting him in fear of being indiscriminately robbed as he incoherently babbled with the winds.

He thanked the unflinchingly straight walls with tears of gratitude in his eyes; for being his best and most faithful companion; as he talked to them when the entire world shunted and made parodies of his eccentric delights,
Whilst the same man vindictively abused the same walls for badly bruising his nose and imprisoning him till eternity; each time he tried to run and feel the fresh atmosphere; outside.

He thanked the fathomless desert for triggering his imagination to the most unprecedented limits; as the endless expanse of golden sands made him a spontaneous artist filled with prolific joy of the living kind,
Whilst the same man inconsolably abused the same desert for making him completely lose his moorings; hopelessly stranding him amidst a labyrinth of only dust; as he winced to take on the force of one of his chilliest nights.

He thanked the gustily blowing wind with open arms; for soaring his kite like the ultimate magician up into bits of limitless sky; as his fingers swayed to the tunes of the ardently charged string,
Whilst the same man inexorably abused the same wind for ruthlessly pushing him to a racy death- -100 floors down his building; as it blew just a trifle too harder for his comfort  and his foot inadvertently tripped.

He thanked the triumphantly scintillating glass for honestly portraying every contour of his personality; as he stood up with integrity on his hard earned patch of soil,
Whilst the same man implacably abused the same glass for making him an inferior societal neglect; as it reflected scores of other thousands of beings more beautiful than him; and he now prepared himself to lead a life ahead full of misery; self-destruction and gloom.

He thanked the virgin streaks of white lightening for igniting the most dormant arenas of his brain; leading him to discover the inexplicably mysterious world beyond the mundane,
Whilst the same man horrifically abused the same lightening for reducing him into bits of invisibly ludicrous ash; as he stood a bit longer under it to admire it in its
full and untamed glory.

He thanked the tumultuously pelting drops of sensuous rain with passionate folded palms; for blessing every disastrously parched nerve of his with rhapsodic delight,
Whilst the same man barbarously abused the same rain for indefinitely stranding him within four walls; as the incessant downpour exasperatingly cut his every feasible link with the commercial globe outside.

He thanked the boundlessly dense forests for allowing him to discover his quintessential roots; as he let the seductive spray of the dew evoke memories of the supernatural and beyond; in the spectacularly star-studded night,
Whilst the same man remorsefully abused the same forests for making him a wastrel wanderer; slapping the tag of a good-for-nothing eccentric recluse into his
now mysteriously groping eyes.

He thanked the compassionate woman living with him for making him feel complete in every aspect of his existence; transcending his every desire beyond the zenith of fulfillment,
Whilst the same man cruelly abused the same woman for circumscribing his life into realms of responsibility; rendering him a mere puppet to fulfill his worldly duties bereft of all spice; after a while.

You know why. Because every Man on earth; myself included;  is the biggest Hypocrite

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