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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Marooned on the island of dismally obnoxious hatred; I tore the spell binding jacket of my lungs in relentless frustration; ardently desiring nothing else but exuberantly free space amidst the uninhibitedly tantalizing clouds,

Marooned on the island of treacherously sordid politics; I indefatigably kept gnawing my raw nails on the fecklessly corrugated wall; tirelessly wishing for the aisles of blissful freedom to kiss my pathetically devastated bones,

Marooned on the island of dreadfully pulverizing poverty; I vituperatively kept staring at open space; yearning for perpetual freedom on the slopes of the Omnipotently sun soaked hills,

Marooned on the island of bizarrely hapless unemployment; I deliriously punctured every construable vein of my nimble body; endlessly searching for nothing else but the gateways of everlastingly enchanting freedom,

Marooned on the island of salaciously egregious betrayal; I incessantly whimpered like a uncontrollably slavering corpse; insurmountably wishing for moments  immemorial of ebulliently unshakable freedom,

Marooned on the island of obliviously cursed dilapidation; I unceasingly bit my tongue into a boundless pieces; unstoppably praying for eternally bestowing freedom to kiss the contours of my brutally emaciated lips,

Marooned on the island of boorishly baseless boredom; I vicariously licked grotesquely fetid molehills of crippling dirt; fervently wanting the paradise of
indomitably burgeoning freedom to descend upon my impoverished soul,

Marooned on the island of raunchily petulant indiscrimination; I unsparingly excoriated every trace of happiness from my soul; desperately desiring the
mists of exotically iridescent freedom to forever swirl across my estranged abode,

Marooned on the island of maliciously prejudiced discontentment; I sadistically plucked the whites of my eye out of my sockets; unlimitedly hoping for the
playgrounds of unequivocally priceless freedom to enshroud me from all sides,

Marooned on the island of derogatorily debilitating fever; I repugnantly snubbed at even the most emollient of fantasies that swept my brain; inexorably perceiving the meadows of celestially philanthropic freedom,

Marooned on the island of blood-sucking inequality; I broke down into an tornado of cataclysmic meaninglessness; relentlessly chasing the rainbow of perennially euphoric freedom,

Marooned on the island of invidiously amorphous atrophy; I aimlessly ran the satanic cleavers on my intricate veins; wistfully conceiving the fireballs of unsurpassably insuperable freedom,

Marooned on the island of commercial monotony; I disparagingly blew worthless saliva for hours immemorial; irrefutably wanting to hold the wand of miraculously mitigating freedom; in the center of my intrepid palms,

Marooned on the island of maniacally hypochondriac depression; I listlessly admired death to the most unprecedented limits; inveterately wishing for the march of patriotic freedom; to become my quintessential way,

Marooned on the island of fanatically religious eccentricity; I uxoriously tampered with every blissfully vivid mechanism of my body; insatiably wanting to bond with only with the essence of unassailably righteous freedom,

Marooned on the island of dastardly squelching rumors; I was confounded with the most inexplicably annihilating of cancer; eternally wanting to blend myself with the cisterns of Omnipresently enthralling freedom,

Marooned on the island of bombastically tawdry pretention; I unsavorily defecated prurient shit from every palpable pore of my body; intransigently wanting the whitewash of effulgent freedom; to take complete control of my abhorrently beleaguered senses,

Marooned on the island of mercilessly cold-blooded ruthlessness; I banged my brain into a countless pieces against cold rock; irrevocably waiting each minute for the clouds of sensuously liberating freedom; to transcend over my flagrantly deteriorating

But Marooned on the island of Immortal Love was the first time in my life when I felt that freedom was everywhere I roamed; freedom had become the most
Omnipotent lamp in my soul; freedom was an unparalleled spirit of united existence that would continue to exist even after this earth wholesomely ceased; and it was also the very first time in my life when I prayed to the Lord; to forever keep me

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