Maximum Comfort

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



A writer found maximum comfort in his pen; indefatigably penning and exploring with it the mystical vagaries of this astoundingly colossal planet,

A frog found maximum comfort in the well; philandering and rhapsodically bouncing in the morbidly smelling interiors for centuries immemorial,

A lotus found maximum comfort in the sewage pond; disseminating its fragrance to the most remotest corner of this enigmatically wavering Universe; blossoming into captivating melody as the first rays of Sun kissed the clouds,

A philosopher found maximum comfort in his unsurpassable repertoire of philanthropic books; blending each ingredient of his blood profusely; with the patriotically spell binding literature,

A shark found maximum comfort in the ocean; gliding like a majestic prince through its profoundly incomprehensible waters; furtively waiting for its chance to pulverize immaculate prey,

A dog found maximum comfort in his masters feet; voraciously wagging its tail as it witnessed the magnanimous entity who fed it with bread; invincibly guarding all throughout the treacherous night; as its guardian snored in ravishing delight,

An eagle found maximum comfort in the sky; exuberantly soaring higher than the euphoric winds; nestling in the aisles of untamed royalty and ecstatic flight,

A corporate tycoon found maximum comfort in his office; astutely ordering and manipulating people like inconspicuous insects; to catapult to unbelievably dizzy heights,

A bee found maximum comfort in its hive; feasting and culminating into  magnificently golden honey; diffusing its profuse melody; to all those deplorably deprived,

A snake found maximum comfort in its gloomy den; loitering in ghastly darkness for decades unprecedented; slithering ominously as surreptitious darkness; wholesomely overshadowed brilliant light,

A crocodile found maximum comfort in the overwhelmingly swampy marshes; menacingly writhing its impoverished caricature; twitching its eyes with a sinister gleam; as it saw humans approaching its lethal side,

A barber found maximum comfort in his saloon; chopping unruly masses of diabolical hair; with the astounding dexterity of his piquantly pepped up knife,

A politician found maximum comfort in his blood stained chair; embedding it deeper and deeper by the unveiling minute upon innocent organisms alive; to shake his uncouth hands with the stars twinkling in emerald sky,

A mouse found maximum comfort in his island of tantalizing cheese; delectably nibbling its poignantly appetizing periphery; then smacking its diminutive lips; and sleeping upon the same in blissful pride,

A mechanic found maximum comfort with his indispensable tools; feeling like the richest man alive; as he fixed the most perplexing of broken machinery; in lightening thunderbolts of time,

A spider found maximum comfort in its charismatically silver web; weaving it relentlessly as the world killed and fought outside; clinging to its slimy strands; like the infant irrefutably embracing his mothers lap,

A painter found maximum comfort in his fathomlessly spotless canvas; deluging its silken persona; with vivaciously titillating strokes of the enthralling countryside,

A cockroach found maximum comfort near the lavatory seat; dancing in a wonderful kingdom of his own; as time swept well past the unearthly hour of cold-blooded midnight,

A child found maximum comfort in the lap of his divinely mother; perpetually resting in her lap; as the planet turned upon him like a ruthless warrior from all sides,

A nightingale found maximum comfort in the ethereal mists; surreally solitary; as it cast the unconquerable spell of its stupendous melody; upon all those baselessly shivering by the graveside,

And my heart found maximum comfort bonding with your immortal beats; and I felt that I had witnessed infinite heavens in a single lifetime; with each of your passionate breath; unitedly diffusing with mine.

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