Maximum Pleasure

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



The soap derived maximum pleasure; in cleaning tons of disdainful dirt; scrupulously polishing each pore of the rotten body,

The conglomerate of ominously black clouds derived maximum pleasure; in thunderously showering down upon the earth; inundating its fathomless barren
territories with sparkling water,

The obdurate and thick skinned crocodile derived maximum pleasure; in pulverizing robust and supple flesh into slender fragments of fine chowder,

The young maiden derived maximum pleasure; sighting and admiring herself infinite number of times in the mirror; combing her hair; deftly plucking the slightest of blemish that cropped up on her persona,

The fur coated unruly street dog derived maximum pleasure; barking and howling agonizingly the entire night; keeping vigil while the rest of the world slept like God's,

The eyes derived maximum pleasure; when fully open and gazing at the mesmerizing beauty wandering delectably through the mystical foliage,

The scarlet rose derived maximum pleasure; after diffusing its enchanting fragrance prolifically all around in vicinity,

The granules of silvery sand lying scattered in the parched desert derived maximum pleasure; in suckling virtually any kind of liquid; be it mineral water or ghastly cans of kerosene,

The keys on the typewriter derived maximum pleasure; when punched at electric speeds; tenaciously by fingers functioning in splendid synchronization,

The fleet of birds wading solitarily on the river waters derived maximum pleasure; when flying high and handsome in patches of crystal blue sky; relishing the caress of a cocoon of ravishing clouds as they soared by,

The gaudy complexioned shirt derived maximum pleasure; when worn on the chest of the flamboyant president; displaying itself bombastically to as many people possible in the outside world,

The fortress of teeth embodied within the lips derived maximum pleasure; in intricately masticating rubicund morsels of glistening carrot; nibbling at the roots in
lazy exultation,

The mouse derived maximum pleasure; after capturing a battalion of mice; ruthlessly imprisoning them till they were handed over to the master,

The golden elevator derived maximum pleasure; after reaching the absolute pinnacle of the building; safely transporting an armory of people to their required destinations,

The minuscule matchstick derived maximum pleasure; after igniting to a full bloom; profoundly illuminating every household lingering in a pool of morbid darkness,

The egg derived maximum pleasure; after hatching into a tiny little and wonderful fledgling,

The feather tipped pen derived maximum pleasure; in embedding million's of lines of literature; granting stupendous status to every blank sheet of paper,

The omniscient entity of God derived maximum pleasure; in creating boundless human beings and animate life; blessing all individuals with the virtue to survive
and unprecedented happiness,

Every mother derived maximum pleasure; in nourishing her child with her own blood and sacred milk; harnessing its reservoir of hidden energies to the fullest,

And every heart derived maximum pleasure; in throbbing thunderously for the person it vehemently revered; living solely and fervently for the person it loved on
this planet.

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