Mask Power

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This is my 5th story

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



One day a boy named Max was going to his friend’s house. When Max reached his friend’s house they both started watching television. They both were seeing news.  They were showing that the POWER MASK has been stolen.Max asked his friend what is this power mask. Then his friend said it’s a dangerous mask I will tell you the mask story said Max’s friend. Once there lived few people who wanted the mask from many years. As they got the news that the power mask has been kept very deep inside the sand in the place called Vigny hills it’s a very risky place and there are thousands of dead bodies who had been killed by touching the dangerous maaaaaask said Max’s friend. Max and his friend were not scared as they are grown ups and they went to get the power mask. As they struggled to reach Vigny hills they both fall down in water fall and went near death but they didn’t give up and went in search of the mask. They digged very deep in the mud. Finally they found the mask and took it in their hands suddenly it became very dark. Some scary sound came and they saw that a man with no head and legs came to them and killed them. That is why don’t come near me I will killllllllllll.THE END


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