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Some opportunities come only once in life. This story entails an adventure supporting this.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Aaron and Nicholas were best friends. They always liked to hang out together and share personal stuff. In none of the trips that they had planned, they were returning after camping at the Mount Kalibu. They were too tired and were getting late for school that day. After deciding that a bus would take them longer to reach, they hired a taxi at the nearest town. The taxi driver did his best to drive faster as the high school kids were urging him to drop them off quickly at their homes.

“C’mon man. Is this the best you can drive?” yelled Aaron at the old driver who was around his sixties.

“I’m doing my best Sir!” said the old man politely. 

They were expecting to reach their destination in another 3 hours but to their dismay, they had to stop at a railway crossing. They had waited for almost 20 minutes and yet they couldn’t see any train crossing. 

“What the hell’s takin such a long time?” asked an annoyed Aaron.

“Calm down man, maybe the train might come any minute.” Said Nicholas trying to pacify Aaron. Aaron was always very impatient while Nicholas was very soft-spoken and calm.

The old man finally got down from the car to investigate since it was taking longer than the usual. He finally got inside the car telling the boys that there’s been a derailment and that it would take at least another hour. 

Aaron got so pissed off that he started mumbling what he was gonna do. Meanwhile, the taxi driver suggested to visit a dam close by that would take an hour and that they could make it right on time when the gate at the railway crossing would open. Both of them thought for a minute and finally agreed. The old man detoured the car to another path and after a 25-minute drive, they finally reached the place. There were lots of other vehicles and a group of students led by their teacher apparently for a short excursion. The old man warned them to be back by 10 minutes to avoid any delays. 

“Yeah! Yeah! Anyway, this place sucks, we should be back within 5 minutes!” retorted Aaron. 

They started climbing a steep path way that swirled round and round up to a mile. Aaron started fretting the instant they covered a few meters and said


“Hey! I don’t think this is gonna work out. Let’s go back.”

“C’mon, man! We didn’t take the short drive just to go back without seeing anything.”

Aaron thought for a while and found a group of girls resting under a tree.

“Hey! Do you mind telling us how far it is to reach the dam?”

“Um…There are about 2 miles to the dam” replied one of the girls.

“What the?” Aaron got shocked.

“What?” asked the girl.

“Oh! Nothing. Thanks.” said Aaron and looked at Nicholas. 

Then one of the other girls said, “It wouldn't take that long if you try!”


Aaron was totally not interested as he looked at his watch. 5 minutes had passed by already. But Nicholas never gave up. He pulled Aaron but he didn’t seem to budge. So, he started on his own leaving behind Aaron. Aaron kept shouting to come back but Nicholas continued to climb the path while a hysteric Aaron followed him. And then when they had almost reached a mile, to their left they found a cute small rocky hill that had steep steps carved into it. There were two Pine trees welcoming visitors at the entrance of the rocky path. At the top of the hill was a small area surrounded by guard rails to capture the perfect shot of the big dam. To just look at the rocky hill was breath taking. 

To their right was what they had come a long way to see all the while. It was the dam. But, there was a 2-mile pathway across the big river that was called as the “Pearl River”. The 2-mile stretch was so beautiful with Roman styled lamplights adorning the start of the stretch. Nicholas realized what the girl was talking about. Nicholas didn’t want to give up, he knew that if at least he could get to the starting of the 2-mile pathway he would get to see the entire dam. He looked at Aaron who was almost 15 feet away from him. 

“What the hell are you doing man? Get back here!” shouted Aaron. Nicholas ignored him and started climbing the steep pathway frantically to reach the starting point of the 2-mile stretch. Despite Aaron’s cries he reached the place that he wanted to be.

It was so beautiful beyond words could ever describe. There was the wide Pearl river with its dark blue still water covered by a range of green mountains at its farther boundary while the smoky clouds drifted atop the mountains. It was like the sky, mountains and the river all merged to create a masterpiece of their own. Getting to watch this wonderful sight as the breeze swept past one’s cheeks was the most amazing experience that one could ever ask for. Nicholas turned back to check out on Aaron who was mesmerized by the rocky hill and was taking clicks of it. He called to him, but he was too busy to respond. Nicholas then clicked a few pictures of the dam when Aaron was screaming at the top of his voice to come. Nicholas hardly got a minute to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He ran towards Aaron to make him see what he saw. 

But Aaron was so stubborn and started climbing down and Nicholas’s efforts to drag him up were futile. Aaron was more concerned about the time since they had taken 15 minutes already. Nicholas was shouting

“Dude, you’re gonna miss this man. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Come back man. Just climb at least till the starting point of the stretch man, I swear you could see the entire dam and there’s no need to walk 2 miles.”

But Aaron could not be convinced, he said

“Hey! I know this is a good place, we will come back another day. We don’t have time man.”

“No man, you ought to see this RIGHT NOW. I Know that we won’t come back here.” Nicholas was screaming not realizing that the people who were climbing towards the dam were staring at them. 

“Alright, don’t create a scene here dude. Just chill.” said Aaron.

Nicholas was filled with remorse that he couldn't stay longer to see the dam since he got only a minute to enjoy it with Aaron at the back of him. But what made him repent more was that Aaron never utilized the chance to see the dam. 

The old man was waiting in the taxi when both of them arrived. He asked Aaron with a smirk on his face,

“You are quite early Sir.”

“Yeah, it’s all because of this douchebag!” said Aaron looking at Nicholas. 

The old man stepped on the gas and the gate at the railway crossing had opened already. Meanwhile, Nicholas was wondering if they could have gone to the dam again if they had missed the opening of the gate. But then he thought how Aaron would have reacted and started laughing.

“What are you laughing about? We are late because of you!” said Aaron pissed off.

“Nothing.” replied Nicholas.

And then the boys reached their home finally and though they did arrive late that day for school, Nicholas never repented about it because they never went to the dam again just as he had predicted. 



* Never give up in life. All the efforts you put in now may seem futile, but the fruit of your efforts is waiting for you! And if you choose to give up mid-way like Aaron you might miss a golden opportunity. 

* Somethings and some people come only once in life, instead of worrying about the future just enjoy the present. Be at the present moment and make the most of it. 

© Copyright 2019 shika. All rights reserved.

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