Little People

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This short story is dedicated with love to my Goddaughter

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Friday Evening

I had my Goddaughter with me for the entire weekend. Her parents had to attend a wedding in Washington, D.C, so guess who was appointed to care for her for two days. That’s a lifetime to me. Now, take in consideration. I am used to going and coming as I please, no little person under the age of nine, being in charge of my existence.

I had to postpone my workout session on Saturday afternoon to get up and cook? Who me? The queen of yogurt, soy, tofu and flaxseed. We started out on a bad foot, in regards to my strict vegetarian diet. I had to actually go grocery shopping at the break of dawn.

I grabbed my small shopping cart, after she demanded I wipe it down two more times. Then I had to literally pick her up and assist her in getting inside the cart…a cart, really. What is the world coming too?

We strolled aisle by aisle looking for food items to satisfy her palate. I had to go and exchange my small cart for a bigger cart. My cart looked like Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, with all the trimmings of junk food. After we got halfway through grocery shopping. She advised me her mother does not allow her to eat sweets. So, we decided on putting the popcorn back, and made a pact not to tell her mother about all the surgery items still in tow, which I could live with.

I did not know little people want everything their little eyes can see. Mind you, I was the one paying for a cart full of overflowing items. I swear I know every cereal there is out there, the boxes have somehow invaded the top of my refrigerator. You would think this little person was moving in.

As we were walking through the frozen vegetable aisle. We were discussing her seven-year-old future. She said she wanted to be a nurse like me. You know that instantly made me smile. I asked her, why not an attorney like her parents. She had the nerve to say, nurses only take care of old people, and it’s not that hard to do.

Where do these kids get their ideals from? I allowed that to slide, she is a child, and there was a nice-looking gentleman, no ring on the finger looking for an item in the freezer. Flirt mode kicked it. Until, I realized I had to be respectful of my little company’s presence.

We finally made it to the check-out after an adventure of walking through eleven aisles. From there, I had to assist my goddaughter out the cart; her leg somehow got stuck. In such a narrowing line, I heard the impatient sighs. Then my goddaughter had the nerve to say, my mother gets me out of the cart with no problems. And I had two more days of this?

That same night, and with all that food crowding my refrigerator and freezer; I still did not feel like cooking, so we decided on ordering a pizza.

I do not eat cheese, she does, she eats meat, I don’t. I ordered her a supreme pizza, me nothing, just my yogurt and green tea. Bedtime arrived, yes! She wanted to get into my spacious jacuzzi bathtub; she begged me with reassurance she will not try to swim, or dunk her head, I swear, I should have listened to my first instinct. The water setting was lukewarm and was very low. She wanted me to pour some of my soothing bath oil into the water, which I obliged. Then I gave her some privacy with the door slightly ajar. 

After she advised me she was ready to get out. With PJs and footies in my hand, I entered my bathroom. My floor was wet and oily; huge water puddles covered my beautiful Italian marble floor. Her clothes she left sprawled on the floor were soaking wet, now I had to wash. I swear, I wanted to call her parents at that moment, and ship her to them through my Blackberry. I held my composure; my teeth were seething after I had to ring the mob out three times.

I’m tired, back hurt from bending over mopping up my entire bathroom floor. I finally said her prayers with her and then got her bedded down. Peace to myself at last. I looked up, that little person was at the arch of my doorway, saying she was scared of the dark. Isn’t this supposed to be fun? I had to walk back to my guest bedroom, get on my knees, and look under the bed. Then, I had to make up some convincing story about how angels will protect her through the night. I thought she bought it, until she climbed in my bed in the middle of the night, because she said she heard something. My condo is sound proof in the smack of Center City, you could not even hear the traffic below, not unless you step out onto the concrete balcony.

Tired from keeping up with a precocious seven-year-old, back hurt, and now cramped in my own Queen size bed. Once she was totally asleep. I had to lift her up, walk to the other end of my hall, and place her back in the bed. This girl had to weigh more than my one hundred and twenty-nine pounds. After I returned to my bedroom. I had to come into the understanding, I still had two more days. I love my goddaughter, but she tired her Godmother out.

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