At the shores of Dragon Island

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A man named Victor Traks goes to Dragon Island, searching for a species of penguins that he saw mentioned in old tales. But something else is on that island too...

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



At the shores of Dragon Island

Log 1

“Is this thing recording? Okay. Start. Log 1. My name is Victor Traks and I am going to search for an unknown species of penguins on Dragon island. I am currently sitting in the cabin. After 6 days on sea I can happily say my journey is almost over. Only 2 hours until I reach Dragon Island, where I will search for the so called ‘Ancient Penguins’, a species that supposedly lives on that island. Many old legends talk about how millions of years of isolation has changed them beyond the point of being recognisable. The legends also talk about how you will get cursed if you visit them, but luckily I don’t believe in that kind of stuff. Cut.”

“Log 1–part 2. I have reached the island. The entire island is surrounded by crags—all at least 50 metres tall. Luckily I managed to find a small passage that allowed me to pass trough. I am currently sitting in a small camp I created on a plateau. It is completely empty besides a bit of grass and a few small bushes. Since I am the first one to visit this place—at least in the modern age—I get to name it, right? I honestly don’t know what to name it. I guess I’ll first look around a bit; only after I know a bit about this place I can create a fitting name. It already is getting late, so I will probably explore this tomorrow morning.”

Log 2

“Log 2. I am currently exploring the island. The island isn’t very big. It took me only 5 hours to walk a full circle around the coastline. I haven’t seen any of the penguins yet, so I hope they live in the centre of the island. I still have around 9 hours before it gets dark, so I will go there now. I must say though, there is something off on this island. Even with its beautiful mountains and forests it manages to have this melancholic atmosphere, and a very strong feeling of dread constantly fills me. I feel like I’m being watched all the time.”

“Log 2–part 2. I have gone into the forest, and I have found unknown footprints. Possibly from the unknown species of penguins. I haven’t seen any of them, however. I can’t determine how old these these footprints are, they could be ancient or they could be made last week. I really have no idea. They’re big and deep. The animals that made this weighed at least 500 kilograms. They are all leading into a cave, at the bottom of the mountain. I must say however, the feeling of dread hasn’t left yet. In fact, it has become stronger as I have come closer to the cave. Something is very off. I constantly hear sounds behind me, but when I look I see nothing. I constantly see something in the corner of my eye. A dark shadowy figure. I constantly see it slowly approaching me, but when I look it’s gone. Then when I turn my head back I see it appear again. I don’t know what it is, or if it even exists. It must be my imagination playing tricks on me. Anyway, I now know where the penguins lived—or maybe still live. I will make sketches of the prints and go here again tomorrow to explore the cave.

Log 3

“Log 3. I saw it again. That figure that I saw in the corner of my eye yesterday. This time a bit more clearly. I was woken up by strange sound coming from outside of my tent in the middle of the night. Whilst laying inside my sleeping I clearly saw a shadow on the side of my tent—it looked a bit human, but at the same time it was the most unnatural thing I had ever seen. I heard footsteps come closer. I swear, I even heard soft laughter. It was the most evil and unnatural thing I had ever heard. It was approaching me. The shadows was getting bigger and bigger. When I finally got the courage to turn on my torch and step outside to see what the hell was attacking me I saw… Nothing. The shadow was gone. When I got inside of my tent, however, I saw the shadow again. I went outside and the shadow was cast by a dead tree, about which I could swear it wasn’t there when I got out the first time. Needless to say, I hadn’t slept that night. I just sat inside of my tent for the two or three hours it took for the sun to rise again. I then went back to the cave. It seems like the footprints have changed. When I compare them to the sketches I made yesterday they’re completely different. Again, there are no footprints going out of the cave. They are all going into it. I don’t know how, but I must find out. I’ll explore the island for a bit, go to sleep, and wake up in the evening so I can be here at night to see what is making those footprints.”

“Log 3—part 2.I am sitting above the cave entrance. I found a way up the mountain and I figured it would be easier to see what was making those footprints from a birds-eye view. I guess I’ll just wait until I see something”

“I saw something move. Not something, some things! There are more of them. Tall creatures with a big sharp beak. They must be the ancient penguins the legends talked about. They look something like penguins, but they are very different. They are big, have two long spear-shaped arms and walk on 8 legs, like spiders. Weren’t it for their beaks I hadn’t recognised them as penguins. The thing is… They don’t look like animals. They look like monsters. Could even millions of years of isolation turn any normal beings into such monstrosities? They are slowly walking towards the cave… Where did they come from? I have been on this island form multiple days and I haven’t encountered a single one of them. Maybe, seeing how big and strong they are, that might be a good thing. And there are no footsteps leading out… They all just go into that cave, but they don’t go out. I don’t know for sure, but my feelings tell me something very sinister is going on here. I will have to go into the cave tomorrow.”

Log 4 “Log 4. I have slept way past sunrise, I couldn’t fall asleep at first thinking about those… abominations. I don’t know what it is, but something is pulling me towards that cave. I can hear it calling for me. I have to go in there.”

“I arrived at the cave. Again, no footsteps out. I will slowly go in, but I’ll have to be careful. I don’t want to get trapped down here with those penguins.”

“I am deep inside the cave, no sign of any penguins yet. I have, however, found something else. What I have found might be more terrifying than those penguins. The room I’m in is filled with bones, and rotting flesh. The bones mostly appear to be from small critters and penguins, but I have also seen something that looked suspiciously like a… human skull. I have also constantly been hearing sounds. I hear footsteps all around me. But that isn’t the worst. I constantly see shadows move. Deep in a cave that no human has ever been in. Why is that worse you might ask? Because, to make shadows, you need light. I haven’t lit those candles on the wall so… who did? I feel like something is watching me… I constantly see a weird shadow in the corner of my eye. Wait. I hear penguins. They are approaching me. I hear them around the corner! I am being attacked! Run!”

Log 5 “I have been back at my home for three weeks now. I am recording this just now because I wasn’t able to speak about this before. Not because of physical wounds. I managed to get away with only a few bruises. It was because of psychological harm that I wasn’t able to speak. When I was running away.. a big stone.. covered in ice fell down. It fell in front of me, so it didn’t harm me. But the ice was reflective. With it I could see behind me. It proved to me that the feeling of someone watching me… The shape in the corner of my eye… was not my imagination. I can never describe how that… thing… looked, even if I had a million words to do so. It is the most unnatural and evil thing that roams this planet. It wasn’t a demon.. Because demons work with the devil, and even the devil himself would not touch this creature with a 10-foot pole. This thing… not even the best horror movies manage to create monsters like this. Now that I know how they look, and what signs indicate they’re here, I am seeing them everywhere. When you suddenly hear the sound of footsteps coming from the first floor, even if there’s no one there? Those weird noises you hear coming from the basement? Did something in your house move while you were asleep? You might try to explain it by telling yourself that the floor was expanding because of the temperature, even though the temperature hasn’t changed a single degree for days. Those moved items were moved by the wind, even though the window was closed. You are only doing it to comfort yourself, because not doing so and accepting the truth would drive even the most fearless of us mad. Why am I saying this? To warn you. Don’t assume that humans rule over this earth, because deep down you know we don’t. Try not to anger them, for they could crush you like a bug if they wanted to. By writing this I have probably reduced my lifespan to a week at most, but since I had seen them and knew they existed I probably already had only a short time left on this earth. Don’t go down the same path as me, please. Don't try to find mythical creatures or explore mythical places, for some secrets are better left unknown.

Thank you for reading. This was my first story, so it probably wasn't that good, but I will keep making these stories and then I will hopefully be good enough at writing to create a full-sized novel one day.

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