Stop, and think - Do you really know ISLAM

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You hear the news, it's all over the media. But, have you ever stopped to think what Islam might really be? This short poem will help you learn and enjoy Islam.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



She walks out the door. She's in for so much more.

She had thought it ended with the pull of her head.

All she really wants is to cry in her bed.

They laugh, they whisper, they snicker, but she's not one to bicker.

She pretends she does not see, but in her heart, there's nothing but a plea.

Help, it's what she needs. She'll just return to her prayer beads.

She has done nothing wrong, but she'll have to stay strong.

For she is a Muslim, and she is one among some.


His name is Muhammad, his dad is Ahmad.

It's caused some negative attention, and of course a lot of tension.

They tend to leave him out, not without a shout, but it's not what he's about.

They call him names, play some games, try to cause flames.

They're mad at him, but not just because of his skin. His religion is what causes the itch, it's like it's the switch.

He is a Muslim boy, who lives in joy.


He works day, he works night, but he always looks bright.

He is humble, and he will never let himself tumble.

They can point all they want, for they do not cause any daunt.

He is a Muslim man, and Islam is always his plan.






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