Dr. Lust

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Dr. Lust


- Well how are you Bruce? Have you been well since your last


- Doctor there's...

- Now Bruce that medication to stop you getting H.I.V. I put you

on, Trivada, wasn't it? Have you been taking it everyday? Any


- I have Doctor, and there's...

- Has it improved your sex life Bruce? I mean you can have anal 

sex now without fear of getting H.I.V. That must be terrific for you


- It is Doctor, but it's got a strange side affect.

- Yes, side affects, what? Nausea, vomiting, headaches, insomnia,

muscle aches? Which side affect is it Bruce? I mean side affects 

are a small price to pay for sexual freedom don't you think Bruce?

- Well Doctor I keep on getting nightmares.

- Nightmares? What kind of nightmares Bruce?

- Awful nightmares Doctor. I keep on dreaming that I'm having sex

with a woman!

- That must be terrible for you Bruce.

- It is Doctor, it is, I wake-up screaming.

- And what does this woman look like Bruce?

- I try not to remember what she looks like Doctor. It gives me the 

horrors to remember.

- Well Bruce does the woman look like this?

  And Doctor Lust takes off his loose fitting suit, and his bald wig,

and he's transformed into a voluptuous naked blond.

- Oh Doctor! Stay away from me!

- I should put some make-up on to get you in the mood, but I

haven't got time!

- No Doctor, get away from me!

- Am I the woman of your dreams Bruce?

- Yes doctor! Yes! Get your hand out off my groin! Get your boobs

out off my face! Stop pulling down my pants!

- What about if I use this Bruce?

  And Doctor Lust open a drawer in his desk and pulls out a large

red penis shaped vibrator.

- Yes Doctor! Yes!

- Now bend over.

- Please Doctor, please! You're the woman of my dreams! Doctor...




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