Growing Up

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A process that is worth a lot more than all the gold in the world.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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I once thought that one day I could change the world for the better, but I forgot that any change would have to start within myself then bit by bit I'll change the world around me. All actions both right and wrong have molded me into the God like being I plan to become one day soon. There has also been a countless number of experiences that have lead me to define the path that I'm traveling to be a very meaningful journey with every step. With experiences there comes the connections made with unique people from all over the world, which may also bring about lessons that are applied to our everyday living. Giving us the chance to improve our personal lives. In the beginning stages of life I looked up to many people for guidance. There were those who enforced a teaching of an afterlife in the sky, and there were others who stuck with a bottle in hand while beating their personal lessons into my head. I only looked up to them because at a young age it was difficult to think for myself, as much of my childhood consisted of people around me living rough lives of their own but hiding it all behind bibles, alchohol, drugs, microphones, and a false smile.

I've felt the love of many both pure and shady. The love of a mother cannot be replaced with another for I've come to realize there is nothing like the original. My first and only romance was one that showed me a side of life that I wanted to walk and live forever, but love between two people requires growth together. During our relationship I know there have been many things I could've improved on in order to show her that she meant a lot more to me than just what I displayed. There have been times where I've felt the desire to give up, and I displayed this feeling by slouching lower in my seat as the tears would roll down my cheek. However, she would always be the one to hold me tight and wipe away the tears all while assisting with drawing up solutions to each situation. Even after the break up I express my deep appreciation for our time together in my letters, sometimes wishing she'd view a couple but still I've received no feedback. With each passing day I notice my throne sitting higher than the day before. A throne fit for a king is built stone by stone after birth. Each stone representing a lesson or realization which improved my character to better suite me for a life of peace within myself. Although I've spent time growing without her, I still refer to her as a beautiful queen on a journey of her own in a world full of many possibilities.

I put aside my ego in order to truly understand everyone I meet. I've come to know and love hundreds of people coming from all over the world. I don't care about your religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, nor gender. What matters to me is that you're here with me on this planet enjoying every breath of fresh air. I tend to be blind to labels as I look to love and admire the individual's spirit. To turn and hurt another because they appear to come off as different will only breakdown your throne which only stays upright with positive energy. People who have different interests could love you better than the people you currently have in your life. To be free you must be open minded. An open mind feels like an eagle spreading its wings. Once the eagle's wingspread is wide enough it then can take flight to see greater heights, and explore more of the world and what it has to offer. This process can be applied to the way our minds operate as we replace that which restricts us of thinking for ourselves, and strips us of the love in our hearts with positivity. From there we can explore and see that there is more than we know about living a free spirited journey with the many brothers and sisters we've come to know this far.

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