One Day At A Time

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Sometimes I question who I am, but there's much more to our relationships than what we see now.

I used to be the one to say I'm through, but now my heart is much bigger than before. I used to walk away from you, but now I'm drowning in the river you cried. Some nights after our separation I'd still hear your voice with soft tones of emotional distress play back in my head as if you were here. Sounds like the same old cry when a queen's heart is broken. My countless trials and errors of trying to reach you shortly after your leaving left me feeling stranded. The many pleas followed by apologies only hurt more with each word that was being put into those papers and letters. The longer I dove into retrospect of our relationship, I eventually dug deep enough to pull out my ego in which my issues revolved. I looked long enough only to find a certain quality in myself that made every memory of the negatives we endured seem to fade from reality. What stood in front of me was myself, observing the many unique characteristics that had me hungover what a beautiful being I truly am today. When you told me you were leaving I didn't think that I could let go, but I had to get myself together in order to move on with my life. I felt as though I wasn't enough which wasn't correct, but it would've meant so much if you had looked me in the eyes and told me instead. I gave another piece of me away with every waking day I spent with you. It's no secret that I'll always love you, but many people have told me to just walk away even though I can't stop crying. Mainly because of the reason that some of our time together has caused you pain.

Sometimes I meditate during my free time with the thought of crossing paths with you again. There's a lot that I would tell you, but I feel I would briefly sum it all up into just a few sentencing fearing that you may not give me much time to interact with you. Looking into the same beautiful eyes of yours I fell in love with all those years ago, I'd pour out my heart to you in a rhythm that no one else but us can decode. "You've had your ticket for the long way around the world in search of something better than what we had, yet that lead me to want to show you that I seen much more potential in us both than what was actually visible to the naked eye. Not even the sharpest words could cut us down, we will stand tall together as we continue to uplift each other while making no apologies for being ourselves. I've spent many days and nights in search of love, but looking back on the beautiful moments we shared together left me dying to create more. The stars and the moon don't shine as bright as we do when we're together. Who we are is no mistake, and we both know that we're perfect even though we're facing personal issues. We don't need a religion or forgivness to create heaven where we are today." I want you close to my heart where you could stay forever more in this lifetime and the next.

If there was pain without hurting then the impossible has been found, and if we are too afraid to walk in faith then we'd never know our hearts. We should be patient considering the distances we've traveled to be where we are today, which comes to show that we're still growing up. One mistake I personally made while growing up was believing much of what I heard instead of actually going based off of what I know. Like many men and women ive question my existence here on earth. There have been many dead ends which debilitates the minds of those looking to pass those teachings of an imaginary man and place in the sky to the children born of this world, which in time misguides them into ignoring the perfect planet we've thrived on for many centuries. Believing is far different than knowing, but I do not need to convince myself that I love you for this I know is an actual expression I can present to you everyday by showing you how happy I am to spend every waking moment by your side. If I could turn back the hands of time then you'd still be mine, as I would find it impossible to take something as precious as your time and as beautiful as your spirit for granted. There wouldn't be anything that I wouldn't do to see you be as great as I could see you being as you have seen much potential in me as well. In a world of real lessons it's never too late for our love to flourish as we continue to grow with each other. There's so many beautiful songs that remind me of our love, but the songs we make together are the ones that define just how perfect we are for each other. Take my hand and lock your fingers tight as we take this one day at a time from sun up to sun down. Let each tear drop that fell from our cold cheeks during our separation sparkle from the love we share in our hearts for each other. Hold me as tight as you need to in your times of grief as I stay close with open arms and an open mind, as it would prove that two heads are better than one in any situation. There's nothing we've done wrong that can't be made right. 

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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