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Life experience of a student who stayed for 2 years in UK, and how drugs,alcohol , parties , and sex destroys your life. I had no time to fix the grammar errors and the order of the ideas . I just
wanted to get people's opinions about the idea so I can re-type it and fix the ideas.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



Close your eyes for a second! Have you ever imagined where you are today before 10 years?
You did imagine some things obviously but reality is so much different.I'll just sum it up in a small sentence " We Become what we think of".I'm sure its not just me 
we all regret what we did to ourselves . Addicions and cravings have led me to
a road that doesnt have an end full of troubles and pain and self destruction.
We all crave for things but the point is , do you have rules for things? Do you have self-contol?
I didnt have any kind of self control.It all started when I was 18 years. Yes I was old enough
to understand the world but I had no self control at all. At the age of 18 I starting gambling,and the first time I had
sex was with a whore in Bahrain , Guess what, I was there for Asian competition represting my country's 
national team . It never came to my mind that im going to fuck a whore for the first time. But when I was
in the situation , I couldnt control my instict and cravings , So this was the first time I had sex.
Alcohol was one of the things I used to do at little age and still till today.Also at 18 I started gambling
with friends and old people. I lost around 10k without even having casinos in my country. I used to go to house
games all the time with old people who really wasnt giving a fuck about the money. Most of the time
I was the smallest person on the table. For me It felt kind of nice that I was small and sometimes I used to take all of their money.
After having many problems with my family , They sent me to UK to study. 
I started a journey with no brakes at all. First day I landed in the UK I went to the casino, I dont want to get to much in points.
I started going to the casino everyday , clubs 4 times a week , alcohol 4 times a week. And unforunatly I started smoking pot every day which I did before one or 2 times in my home country.
As I said before , "NO BRAKES" . I kept following my instincts without stop , I had no limit for any single thing. I'm that kind of person who likes to be a pro in everything he does,
no one's better than me.As we say these days "Go hard or go home" I kind of printed this quote in my mind and started being a pro in everythign I did gambling, sex,alcohol , parties , and last 
but not least drugs. Which turned my whole life upside down. Because of gambling , I used to spend a day or 2 without having any type of food and not even a ciggarete to smoke.
I spent days without my phone,laptop, even my tv I sold it when I had no money . Even after selling many things , My parents used to always help me . Whenever I lose, they'd give me another 
chance and send me money again. I failed them many times , I had like 4-5 chances , but as I said pro in everything. To me as a person , I kind of hate losing . I never stop 
unless I reach what I want even If I had to do anything to reach what I want. I have taken many money from people and never payed them back , and they were close friends to me.
Losing in gambling gave me no choices , it made me feel I have nothing . I used to go clubs alot , Come on lets not lie "who doesnt like sex"? But for me it was a complete disaster.
I have fucked 15 differnet girls in a year. One of the bad things clubs have , you'll meet alot of drunk girls who doesnt know what they're doing , and will be completely be idiots 
when they wake up the next day. I have fucked girls everywhere and literally from all around the world british,turkish,arabs,greece,romanians,spanish. I travel alot , So yeah I used
to have sex everytime I travel. 15 times in 1 year? Damn,man I never thought I would reach this point , like wtf my mind was thinking. Think about how many diseases I would have 
had without giving a fuck. Because I couldnt control my craving for sex nor anything else. I'm also known for being a really hard drinker. I used to make lots of people get drunk
without even thinking what could happen to them but unforuntanly these people challenge me , and I love challenges. Life is all about Logic , Everyone gets drunk but some people can control it

BOOM! and suddenly from a very miserable life where I didnt have mobile, laptop, tv, or food. I won 8k in the casino my life kind of flipped 360 degrees from miserable to a king's life.
Having too much money and not knowing where to spend it kind of fucked me over . I used to take MDMA every single day ,5-10 times a day sniffing for 2 weeks. MDMA is known as "love drug" ,usually
people take it once a month or a year maybe its kind of made for parties. It not like cocaine or any other stuff that people take daily . People even usually take it only
for festivals or big parties. Taking this drug everyday gave me like 200% more courage + the 100% I already had. I wont know how to explain but all I can say the feeling was exactly
like no one can stop me from anything , I can get what I want whenever I want . Look, maybe money doesnt buy happiness but It really does buy people, people are assholes for the money ,
if you have money people will be your slaves, trust me I'm not talking out of a empy mind , I'm talking about a life experience I had.
And one day I had lots of MDMA and too many drinks , A girl came to my house and a awful thing happened. Ofcourse I didnt touch the girl, but I told u I love challenges,
So I made her so drunk and I really many it like 20-30 shots. and as I said its logic , some people can control theirselves to a certain point. but with mdma and alcohol ,
I guarntee you , you wont even remember a single thing from the night u took the drug and drinked. Because its  known that mixing this drug with alcohol can lead to a 40%
chance of death . Anyways, SUddenly the girl starts screaming and getting bad trips. Police came , Neighbours all freaked out, this was exaclty at 6am after the club. After that I was 
removed from the UK and banned for 10 years. And now after 6months I stopped everything because I lost everything because of instincts.Now I'm sitting hopeless without university .

Blink Again, Think what mistakes you did before that destroyed you and made you the person you are today, stop giving a fuck about the past, Stop following your cravings.
. You wont get to anywhere my life, was literally like the movies all the things people follow drugs,sex,alcohol,and money.
All these things has no ending.Look here I am today I got nothing but myself, this road of
cravings never ends and it will burn you before it ends. Just learn from your past before everything is gone,
Dont wait until the hall room falls down when you already saw some of it falling.


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