The Ballad of Gabriel

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



The Ballad of Gabriel Gabriel was as all other kids, living day by day, going to school. He always wished his life could one day take a change, rather than having this same long and boring cycle that took place each passing day. The only thing he could look forward too everyday was scrolling through his phone. Well it cheered him up, but a couple hours later it would fade off and he would have back on the same gloomy face he had before. Gabriel’s mom everyday would push him to join the co-curricular activities like acting or the sports team, but Gabriel never cared, he didn’t like any of it. He just didn’t find any interest in anything he did in life. Eventually after some time, Gabriel’s dads work required the whole family to move to a whole different state. He was dreading having to move. Life was already going bad for him, but moving away? Having to start all over again in this new place was sure to be a challenge. At least where he currently was, he had a best friend who he could trust, Edmund, but now that would be gone too. Now a new school where he had to survive in, all alone, with nobody to endure through the long school year with. Chapter 2: Settling in Settling in to this new place and environment was not easy. As he walked through the school halls, it seemed as though everyone had a friend, but everywhere Gabriel went, he would be alone. He isolated himself away from everyone, and he was shy whenever anyone flashed a smile or said hi to him. Yet again Gabriel’s gloomy cycle continued for weeks after. One Monday, Gabriel was feeling gloomier than usual, as anyone else would be on a Monday. At lunch, he went back to the same corner where no one sat, unpacked his sandwich and started eating. As he ate, he noticed two boys he had not seen very frequently. The 2 boys turned their heads as they looked for somewhere to sit, and there they saw an open space next to Gabriel. “Ooh! Another friend to be made!” whispered the two boys to each other As the two boys walked up to the table, one said, “Hi! I’m Jonadab!” with an unusually loud voice. The second said, “Hi! I’m Joseph”. Gabriel stuttered softly, “Hi, I’m Gabriel”, he said hesitantly. His head rushed with thought, “why are these guys approaching me? It must be for a bad reason isn’t it? No one else would approach me for any other reason!”. The two boys could see he was scared, beads of sweat rolling down his face, and his face as red as a crab. “Hey man, don’t be scared! We come in peace, we have no means to do anything bad to you at all!” Joseph said. “Well ok, I guess that’s good” Gabriel replied, as the two boys took their seats and the conversation continued.

Chapter 3: Things Start to Take a Turn As they were eating their lunch, Joseph asked, “You must be a pretty new student right?” “Yes that’s right.” Gabriel replied. Joseph continued “Well we are seniors here so you should be about a year younger than us”. “Well do you have any hobbies?” Jonadab asked, “Nah, I don’t really have many interests”, Gabriel replied. “Why don’t you come join us in the school choir? We are recruiting people now” Jonadab offered, “Both of us go, it’s really fun, and we do sound pretty good!” “Well I’ll think about it” said Gabriel. That whole night, Gabriel rolled to and fro on his bed, his head pounding in thought. “If I join the choir, I can make some friends, but what if I embarrass myself and sing badly? What should I do?” the dilemma continued on and on in his head. Before he knew it, the long hours he spent went by like seconds and it was morning. But he decided, it was time to make a change in his life. He went to school with dark rings around his eyes, he was so tired. But he knew one thing, it was time to change his reputation of being the 'sad lonely boy that always sat in the corner'. It was his one and only chance . Chapter 4: A Life Changing Decision As he walked up to the sign up sheet, Jonadab and Joseph walked by. “Hey man! You're going to sign up for the choir? That’s awesome!” Jonadab said. Gabriel flashed a smile and at this point he knew his decision to join the choir was not a mistake. “Good luck with the audition tomorrow!” Joseph wished him. Gabriel knew this was his chance, he could not mess up his audition. The whole day after school he practiced and practiced trying to get his voice right. Gabriel’s mom, Flora, heard the singing so she popped her head into the room, “what are you doing son?” She asked, “I’ve got an audition in the choir tomorrow!” Gabriel replied. Mom was shocked! When did he ever like singing? She didn’t know what to say, “Well uhm, good luck son! You sound really good.” she said. “What’s gotten into him? ” she thought. “Maybe people can change after all!”. The next day, he went to school with an air of confidence around him. He knew this was his time to change the view of what everyone thought he was. He was eager to show everyone, the sad and lonely boy that they saw in him, was about to change. This was the time to flip his boring life into the total opposite of what he was so used to doing his whole life.

Chapter 5: The Quick Impression As the end of the school day pulled up, it was time for auditions. In Gabriel walked to the hall, “Hmm, where is everyone?” he thought. Some minutes went by, and in came the choir conductor. As she walked by Gabriel she remarked, “You must be the only one who signed up for auditions I guess! Well it’s you’re turn to sing then!”. Gabriel walked up to the stage, he stuttered “Hi uhm, miss... teacher...” “just call me Miss Shanti!” said the conductor. “Well... Hi Miss Shanti” Gabriel said awkwardly. “What will you be singing today?” Miss Shanti asked, “I will be singing My Goes On by Celine Dion” Gabriel replied. “Ooo nice choice! I love the song! Well whenever you’re ready!”. As Gabriel started to sing, it was picture perfect, each word that came out of his mouth was perfect, he sang everything in absolute perfection, from the tune to the flow. Right as the song was about to end, he caught a glimpse of the two boys standing at the back of the hall. Everyone was open- mouthed, Miss Shanti, Jonadab and Joseph. “I am at... A loss for words right now, that was crazily fantastic! I have never heard anything better than that performance in my life.” commented Miss Shanti. “You will be joining the choir very obviously and I will be seeing you at the next choir practice!” exclaimed Miss Shanti. Gabriel had a smile on his face no one could wipe off. As he walked out of the hall, immediately the two boys came up to him, “YES man! You made it! You’re gonna join the choir!” Jonadab shouted.

Chapter 6: The Rise of Gabriel As the week rolled by till the next choir practice, the trust between Gabriel and the two boys grew and grew, and eventually they weren’t the 2 boys anymore, they were the 3 boys. As choir practices came along, it became noticeable that Gabriel was a whole level above everyone else. The whole choir became ten times better with Gabriel and without him they sounded the same average choir they used to be. Eventually everyone started to notice this, and as each practice came up Gabriel just kept getting better and better. As performances went by, opportunities for Gabriel to sing solos came more and more frequently. With each performance his reputation grew bigger and bigger in the school. He became more and more popular within the school people, and developed a nickname, The Singing Guy. Things started to get better, he was getting happier, and he realized there was more to life than just scrolling through his phone everyday. More and more people started wanting to be his friend. But through all this, he still always stuck to the same two people he knew from the start, that helped him through all this, and he never abandoned them for any other friends. Like this, each day he went, he was happy because he had everything he needed, people to trust, a passion, which he had in singing, and a smile on his face.

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