5 Tools to Make Your Kids Master at Reading

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



“Reading is the skill which every kid has to master. A child who reads better tends to write exceptionally well. As a matter of fact, reading is the mental capacity where most of the children flounder at”

Reading is the mental activity of great importance. An ardent reader is the one who has a pile of information to share his thoughts and let other people in the room get across his message and ideas. Since the early ages, we are instructed at schools and homes to read, so that we could write well. Reading and writing are interconnected to each other. On the flip side, a kid starts suffering mental strain when he’s unable to read well since an early age. Here’s the rub which agonizes school goers and they come at the stake of apathy. More than young students, parents are those who go through rankle and they become envious of kid’s poor academic performance due to poor reading skills.

There are no set paradigms and laws to become a proficient reader. It depends truly upon an individual kid’s innate capabilities to master the art of reading. It’s the reason that majority of the high school, college and university students even do look for the assistance when it comes to completion of home tasks. Anyways, I am going to share the details about 5 tools which could leverage efforts of children, teachers, and parents.


  • Key Education Big Box of Word Chunks Educational Board Game

Key education big box of the word chunks educational board game is incredibly assistive for the kids with difficulty in reading. It is an exceptionally helpful tool to alleviate the anxiety of your kids. The big box containing over 200 puzzle pieces and every piece is colourful to keep the child engaged in the reading session. It introduces kids to word families, initial consonants, and initial consonants blends. These puzzle blocks start with vowel sounds and the beginning words to equip young learners with the capabilities to read smoothly and faster. This two-piece word puzzle will take the creativity of your kids to the next-level. In short, it would be way much easier for a child to overcome the learning deficiencies and start reading at his/her own with zero complexity. This game comes with a 4-Page booklet with instruction, directions and games e.g. Walking Words, Races to build the words.


  • Sight Words Flash Cards

Reading incapability isn’t just limited to the kids; adult students are equally susceptible to mistakes and fright. That’s why; they look for assignment help to cast out agony, frustration, and disappointment.
Kids can learn to read easily with slight words flashcards. These are dual-sided cards containing basic words used in the beginning reader books. Apart from flash cards, it also comprises of Parent card that contains games and extra activities to augment 100+ sight cards in the deck. It would be a fun and easy learning experience for your kids and they would become better readers at the very early stage of their lives. A kid would find hundreds of high-frequency words that he must master in order to be good at reading and writing altogether. Likewise, activities provided on the parent card would increase the vocabulary of the kids as they would be able to recognize the sight words speedily and comfortably.

  • The Original Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks

Your kids would love to read while twisting wooden blocks and in each turn, they are going to see new words and letters. Get experience with words that rhyme and let your kids enjoy twist-and-turn of blocks. All words are phonetic, usable and indispensable for young readers. Reinforce the experience of your kids and let them read actual words clearly.

These reading blocks contain a total of 80 words. For the convenience of the kids, Consonants are in red, whereas, vowels are in blue color in D’nealian print. Each block is artistically designed and perfectly sized for small hands; every reading rod is 1-4 inches long. All blocks are truly eco-friendly and made from maple wood.

  • Bob Books: Rhyming Words

Rhyming makes reading easier. It’s fun-filled and entertaining thing. It’s best for the kids which just started off going to schools. A child can decode the story faster using rhyming words in the story. Moreover, kids who’ve learned to read successfully and speedily have unshakable confidence and do have fun while reading.

Ms. Zoey Brianna, a child educationist and seasonal essay writer say: ‘Reading is the gateway to comprehension, a child that can read better has zero percent chances of falling flat in exams’.

Boob Books rhyming is suitable for the beginning reader because it consists of mostly two and three letter words. Interestingly, all rhyming words have similar endings and they spelled exactly alike (e.g. Kite and site). It includes 40-word family puzzle cards to let children have enjoyment with rhyming words games.

  • LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

LeapFrog LeapReader reading and writing system is the compact solution for kids that find it hard to read. Undoubtedly, it’s going to easier than ever for your kid to be a champion at reading because LeapReader is the perfect tool for anybody as it includes learning paper writing sheet, USB cable, sampler activity book and quick start guide. It is very easy to use this e-Reader. Just touch pages or a single word and hear words being read out louder. The kids can also play games to build vocabulary and comprehension at different reading stages. This electronic reader will take listening and comprehension skills to the next-level with free audiobooks, music albums and so much more.

This electronic reader comprises lots of character voices, lively sound effects, and many activities to help your kid become good at school readiness skills and comprehension.


Begin your kid’s journey with these 5 tools and it would be easy for him to read a book, story or poems. Don’t let problems become big hurdles, use these tools wisely and make your kid a good reader. It’s not a rocket science to improve reading; with little practice and technique-anybody can master the art of reading.


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