Manchester Derby

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



In the slummy streets of Manchester, where football is in our blood, a bloody rivalry between our firm and the "Notorious Red Army". Can you believe it, them bloody tossers call themselves the Red Fuckin Army. One day, one happy blue day, the "Bollocks Army" will meet their fate. On the day of the FA cup final at the beautiful sky blue Etihad Stadium, when the blues and reds meet. The greatest rivalry of the city, of the country, the greatest rivalry of the entire fuckin football planet. Where two cities divide, where blood falls on the hands of men and women of firms, hands of the players, even the fathers of our churches. But a relationship, which complicates everything. A relationship, that causes great disturbance within both Manchester clubs. A relationship that could cause blood to be on the tips of blades of those who'd do anything to make things right. A relationship between a Blue and a Demon, that may be the reason for many to mourn. But just remember Romeo n Juliet,

Manchester is Blue. Always.


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