Feeling odd-the societal narrow rod

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It elicits the difference between the two strata beings in same world.

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



Although We belongs to the same planet We shares the same land We drink the same water Oh no! We also belongs to same country We also belongs to same state...city...or even the place What? We also belongs to same species The homosapiens....or rightly being human With a nose..two eyes...two ears..two legs...two arms The same body and multicolor skin The same life The same time But the blunder.....^...^.. We dont belongs to same society Which made the paths to different roadss...s..... And rubbishly strives to feel me odd:(

We may follow the same culture But not rarely interested in same sculpture The 'STATUS' follows the pithole And the 'STRATA' seperates our sole Can you see between you and me there is big manhole

I dont seems to have the classy look Should I cry to be a simple being The open book If you see our profiles We are totally different cases...s... I usually dont prefer to wear make-up What if you do it right from your wake-up Still we dont denied to be females Actually the society teaches us from where we hails Will you look straight into my eyes Instead of playing blindman's buff with fishy fussy chatter flies...

Rightly The way you sit The way you stand The way you hold The way you cross fold The way you talk And the way you handle the fork The uncomfortable situation; Time flows slow Sightly not ...is totally different from me The particular lifestyle"...made you other than me Now which cunningly baffled my mind Either to stay or...flee....e.... Fine I am handling it Fine I am settling it Fine...fighting to not to feel odd... But Being human of human made "classified societies" Follows so worthy rules,regulations and policies Bridging societal pitholes is not possible The status,strata, money and FEELING ODD is really horrible

The predator and prey may change Feeling odd cassino may have different range Fighting little sometimes costs your natural me Every manmade societal doors have different key Rubbishly I strives sometimes to feel odd But everybody walks on that narrow societal rod Right We belongs to same planet But fight We dont belongs to same class of 'being human' Some airs up and some settles down Of the refined human net...^..^....

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