Bittersweet Fabrication

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



If you smile with your eyes they will never see it coming. 
Learn to say it like you mean it and the lies will sound like humming.

Every laugh you muster up when someone tells a joke will be so damn impressive they will never see you choke.

Pretend that you don't see the monsters every time you close your eyes. A picture perfect nightmare that lies behind a guise.

Don't forget to watch the cracks that appear in your facade 
'Cause if they ever catch a glimpse they'll know you're just a fraud.

A frightened little child swallowed whole by the abyss.
Screaming underwater: your masochistic bliss.

Unaware of the role you played to hide your distorted frowning.
Don't you know that they can't hear you? They will never see you're drowning

Not until the end my dear; as they lay you down to rest.
Every dark and twisted secret, too late to be confessed

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