my conscience

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she crepts steathily behind our backs warning us of the imminent dangers that lay in front of us nd wen we don't listen she torments our hearts nd minds with unbearable pain as we seek for

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



A place where i seek to finding redemption as it taunts me of my past mistakes inflicting wounds that can never heal, the scars a way of regaining sanity so i don't slip into the bottomless pit. A sweet little princess that warns us before we fall into temptation but most times we don't listen and unfortunately she gets angry nd moves us into sobriety with the painful thought that has filled our minds as we look for a saviour within us. Some of us don't have a heart , only a hollow space and a feint beat, the word "conscience" means nothing to them they are the ones that justify all the wrongs they commit saying it's for the greater good and they are purging the ills in our society. I once decided to abandon writing but ever since that day i have not known rest a prickly disturbance in my heart a hidden gift that wants to nurture itself the type that is able to mould a will for the writer to continue in his goals. We are all lost souls looking for redemption some turn to God, others to gods, while the rest feel they can handle it on their own they are their own god whether you like it or not whichever path you take in life will have a certain effect in the latter days of your life. Our hearts and minds are interlinked everyday they each struggle to take over the other but your personality keep them to a stand still the moment you lose your will and something to live for you become an empty garbage who is being controlled by lust, rage and other things of the mind. Some souls are dangling in restlessness looking for someone, anyone to keep them at still, they are the ones that their minds are only clouded with evil thoughts"as a man thinketh so is he" we blame others for our mistakes, our past actions we don't even reflect on our past we just feel it was meant to be that way , yes! history has been written but the future holds greener pastures if you could just believe and blame ourselves for the wrongs we commit. The road to finding your conscience and removing it from it's state of madness and restoring it back to a moment of love will take love and patience but it's worth the risk, only death can strip a man from the ability to make choices find yourself, guide your conscience when you still have the chance to do so.

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