Flight of Mind

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Is it real or is she crazy ? Are they there or are they not? Questions she does not know how to answer.

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



 The white padded walls have become a safe haven for her. Here her madness can´t get to her and other dangers stay away from the asylum, but she knows it´s a matter of time when she is found and the chase starts all over again.
 She has seen strange, unearthly things and they have left their mark on her mind. She is fractured , she knows it, she used to think it was a bad thing, but maybe it is a blessing, her mind has given her the ability to see the world as it is, a broken shattering beautiful thing.
 The voices in her head give her guidance and wisdom on how to survive this cruelcold world where you survive by doing cruel things to others who just try to survive.

By the sounds of fighting, screams of terror and pleas of mercy she knows she has been found and the voices tell her to run while she has a chance, but she is reluctant to go, she wants to see who or what is chasing after her. She turns around for one look and she sees a giant covered in entrails searching for her, smelling her. She knows it´s her own fault and she thinks back to the text message she got one early morning before all this began, before she had chosen to make her life more exciting not knowing what she had unleashed on herself. Since then her life had become the impossible, but she has to admit to herslef this is exciting on some level. She is woken from her reminiscing by a dreadful roar and the sound of heavy thumps. Looks like she has lost her chance of escaping unnoticed, but she knew it would not have made a difference they always seem to find her as if they have her scent, but how would all these mindbreaking creatures gotten it. Something she will never know. The hall  in the asylum which they stand in has one escape,the window, she knows she has to take it and she definitely knows it´s going to hurt.

 The funny thing is she remembers how she dies, but she always wakes up the next morning possibly meaning she never was in danger or she cannot die, but she knows not to test it. Maybe she were to escape these creatures if she were to die, maybe she just has lost her mind and the creatures she so fears are people who seek to help her. The only way she knows how to find out what is realy going on is to stop running and face these cruel impossilbe things head on or maybe she will find a cave in a forest away from the city and hide until she is sure she is safe. She is so tired from running and having made up her mind she does the unthinkable, she stops running and faces the creature only to be crushed by its fist.

She wakes up screaming and crying uncontrollably. She looks around only to discover she is still in the asylum, all alone, why she is there she can´t remember, but she is not in a hurry to find out. The asylum looks like it has been abandoned for a long time, everything she sees looks old and decaying, and she silently thinks to herself she was safe only to be startled by the ringing of a cellphone. She picks it up only to hear a silence then from behind her she hears a question, a question she knows no answer to " Is this real or is this all in your mind? "


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