Miraculously Uniting Crimson Blood.

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



As invincible as the peaks of unfathomable Everest; which were the very first to salute royally Omnipotent sunshine in the center of undying sky,

As fierily dynamic as the orange ball of Sun; which transcended and won over the most inconspicuous of misery on this planet; with its unflinching light,

As compassionately amiable as every draught of whispering wind; which gave reprieve to every beleaguered traveler around from the myriad harshness of existence,

As mellifluously tingling as the fresh water forest stream; unhindered and uninhibited by every sordidly plagued discrepancy of the distrustfully robotic world,

As resplendently pristine as the bountiful rainbow in azure space; which inevitably evoked everyone to stroke the paintbrush of sensitivity on the inexhaustible pathways of life,

As unsurpassable as the victoriously tangy oceans; which affably fathered and mothered life of every conceivable kind on this planet; in gigantic recesses of poignantly frothy water,

As sensuously enthralling as every blade of grass sprouting from mundane soil; tickling the most monstrously hideous of devil into a reverie of tantalizing newness,

As unbridled as the immaculate pearl hidden deep within the oyster; dazzling every frigid ounce of despair with optimistic white; even as blackness tried all the more to wretchedly confiscate all light,

As unabashedly charismatic as the first cries of a newborn child; which magnetized people of all caste; creed; sizes and shapes into a close huddle; to witness the most blessed creation of the Almighty Lord,

As ecstatically fresh as thundershowers of rain charging from the sky; which bubbled into a newfound effervescent energy of togetherness; after blending with each ingredient of voluptuous soil,

As eternally rapturous as the unparalleled voice of the nightingale; which united every single heart in vicinity; with the interminable tenacity to symbiotically survive in its voice,

As  untiringly positive as the nascent rays of dawn; which engulfed every bit of the Universe with a profoundly robust energy to live once again; after the gallows of haplessly jinxed death,

As gregariously redolent as the scent of the scarlet rose; which mollified every speck of traumatized apprehension around with the embrace of everlasting fantasy,

As fearless as maverick streaks of silver lightening in magical sky; which quelled every orphaned ingredient of nervous energy in the atmosphere—with the rustically naked valor to enlighten and survive,

As perseveringly timeless as freshly ploughed fields of mother nature; which earnestly spawned into fruits of eternal creation till beyond veritable time; in the face of beauty and apocalyptic devil alike,

As magical as mother earth's copious magnetic energy; which insuperably drew one and all on the trajectory of the fathomless planet; into a womb of unassailably divine warmth,

As harmoniously fructifying as golden nectar; which wondrously mended even the most devastatingly estranged of hearts with the unlimited sweetness of the Lord's Omnipresent Creation,

As inscrutably alluring as an infinite different pathways on earth; which led you to an infinite different destinations of charmed adventure; with all eventually uniting into a singleton mass of life's undefeated truth,

Was the miraculously life-yielding crimson blood in every living vein; forever and ever and ever uniting every caste; creed; religion; color; shape and tribe on God's blessed planet; into the one and only Religion of Humanity.

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