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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



They didn't see what religion I belonged to; the clothes I had adorned freshly for
leading the new day,

They didn't see the family which harbored me; the fleet of young brothers and sisters that frantically waited for me to return back home,

They didn't see whether I was driving the most swankiest of automobile; or whether I was barefoot and clad in threadbare rags,

They didn't see the flurry of passionate emotions welling up in my eyes; the appetizing meals of rice; I had just consumed for breakfast to appease my famished gluttony,

They didn't see marathon hours of turmoil I underwent every day; the painstaking agony with which I had amassed parsimoniously meager savings for vital survival,

They didn't see the insatiable desire lingering in my mind to explore this fathomless Universe; enjoy the bountiful fruits of nature to the most unprecedented limits,

They didn't see the locality which I was proudly inhabiting; the unfathomable volumes of poetry I had embossed with my very own scarlet blood till date,

They didn't see the loyalty with which I had served my nation; the Herculean struggle I had undertaken to alleviate my fellow compatriots in inexplicable distress,

They didn't see the unrelenting ardor in my sweat; the overwhelming tenacity in my voice to chant the name of my revered mother,

They didn't see the incomprehensible list of tasks that I had yet to finish; the countless number of duties I planned to diligently execute in the remainder of my life,

They didn't see the passion fulminating in my heart to contribute my best to the society; endeavor my absolute fullest to try and metamorphose this treacherous planet into a veritable paradise,

They didn't see the stream of uninhibited love cascading turbulently through my conscience; the prolific intensity with which I embraced whosoever who approached me with a tear in his eye,

They didn't see the inexorably caring looks on my parents faces; the way they pampered me like a prince; even though I was well past mid life,

They didn't see the ecstatic tunes I hummed each dawn; rhapsodically chased the boisterous cuckoos through the myriad of innocuous green meadows down the hills,

They didn't see the unsurpassable amount of feeling I possessed for my loving wife; the times when I longed to be perpetually by her mesmerizing side,

They didn't see the colossal album of photographs I flipped through each day; nostalgically transiting back into impeccable childhood as the pages unveiled,
They didn't see the color of my skin; whether I was traditionally rustic brown; or had profound traces of alien white,

They didn't see the benevolent prayers I chanted; before retiring for bed every gorgeously enchanting night,

They didn't see the immaculate crusts of beard on my face; the emphatic lines of destiny on my palms jubilantly wailing to surge forward in life,

They didn't see the initials adhering to my countenance; the name my divinely parents had christened me with; when I had just emitted my first cry,

They didn't even see the astronomical number of years for me to become this big; the agony borne by infinite elements of the society to make me blossom in existence,

And even if they did see; they pretended to be deaf; dumb and wholesomely blind; indiscriminately torching thousands alive with their families; burning boundless
innocent entities in a concoction of petrol and ghastly acid; rampantly charring the entire township of blissful angels into a pugnacious ball of Black flames;

o! Almighty God save everybody from the mob.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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