Modern Day Devil- Money

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



It was neither the most brutally depraving of war; which unsparingly buried countless innocent; an infinite feet beneath their sadistic graves; for no ostensible reason
or rhyme,

It was neither the most treacherously pulverizing of prejudice; the salacious desire to rise above your own peers; at the most unbearably tawdry costs of existence,

It were neither the most bizarrely abysmal chapters of poverty; which fomented several to wholesomely strangulate their necks; in fear of bearing the pangs of agonizing emaciation in every of their conceivable bone,

It was neither the most acrimonious deliriousness of the brain; which led to the most horrendously sacrilegious condemnation of living kind; with each fretfully hackneyed route leading to the hell of nothingness,

It was neither the most acerbic of deforestation; the satanically barbarous assassination of mother nature's womb; which led to the most unstoppably wretched curses of all times,

It was neither the most derogatorily demented of manipulation; the baselessly divesting drudgery with which one man; left no stones unturned in exploiting his fellow and compatriot human being,

It was neither the most vituperatively wagging tongue; which hurled a boundless abuse to its very own mother and sister; before trading them off like worthlessly
lifeless pieces of plaintive skin,

It was neither the most mortifying anecdotes of vindication; which led to cataclysmic conflicts between even the closest of siblings; with the spirit of reverence dying a torturous death,

It was neither the most sardonic ridicule on the oppressed and weaker sects of the society; the uncontrollable guffaws that enshrouded the human lip; at witnessing other organisms inferior to its sanctimonious swirl,

It was neither the most preposterously robotic rat race for survival; wherein the foundations of prosperity; were shamelessly erected upon the breathing bodies of innumerable helpless; men; women and children,

It was neither the most orphaned traces of blood; disdainfully weighed into monotonous machines; and then sold in black market according to the so called calibrations of the human race,
It was neither the most deplorable discrimination of human beings; on the basis of meaninglessly bawdy insinuations of caste; creed; color; race; frivolous status or tribe,

It was neither the most indiscriminate killing of rare wildlife; just for the mere and senseless appeasement; of that murderously anarchic celebrity's tongue,

It was neither the most perverted rapes on innocent women; by those high on rapacious wine and palatial sensuousness; using the wickedly inscrutable interiors of their mansions; for the deprivation of mankind,

It was neither the most indescribably pugnacious war for superiority; the diabolical desire to gobble alive another human; in order to perennially perch upon the absolute epitome of silver and gold,

It was neither the most egregiously uttered curses for all living kind; the insidiously ulterior motive to reduce life to a lame corpse; whilst pretentiously smiling towards the body of the flaming Sun,

It was neither the most unthinkable forms of dastardly suicide; the sinful closure of life; after which the spirit ghoulishly lingered between the amorphously lambasting land of heaven and hell,

It was neither the most blasphemously jinxed ingredients of betrayal; the demolition of the immortal heartbeats like a pack of futile cards; in order to fecklessly pursue the so called 'commercial ambitions' of life,

Infact if at all there was a thing which indeed led to all of the above; was the 'Father and Mother' of all of the above; then it was none other than an insanely modern day devil; worshipped today like crazy by one and all by the name 'Money'.

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