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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



You could metamorphose into an impeccable saint; and then incessantly castigate it; for its salaciously treacherous and hideously ungainly intent,

You could step into the shoes of an immaculate angel; and then indefatigably rebuke it; for corrupting the fabric of the celestially blissful atmosphere,

You could transform into a bountifully blessing cloud; and then irascibly condemn it; for its baseless proportions of abhorrently stinking malice,

You could wholesomely blend with harmonious goodness; and then unrelentingly pulverize it; for its heinously malicious waves of insidious remorsefulness,

You could uplift your soul to the bountifully everlasting heavens; and then relentlessly ostracize it; for its lecherously vindictive swirl; that perfidiously infiltrated the fabric of innocuous humanity,

You could catapult to the summit of patriotically blazing freedom; and then unrelentingly abuse it; for its spell of disdainfully abominable commercialism and
horrifically ghastly captivity,

You could blissfully traverse on a blanket of unequivocally scintillating pearls; and then unstoppably slander it; for being a pertinently perilous insect; satanically sucking blood from all living beings,

You could embellish yourself with flames of stupendously unassailable honesty; and then timelessly decimate it; for its waves of discordantly unwarranted prejudice,

You could reach the  corridors of rhapsodically eternal paradise; and then intractably slash at it; for it being an intolerable impediment; that traumatically poisoned one and all; in their way to holistic righteousness,

You could drown yourself in the winds of enchantingly sensuous melody; and then ruthlessly crucify it; for its nonchalantly monotonous caress of the; radiantly blooming society,

You could become a fulminating ray of dazzling Sunshine; and then tirelessly exonerate it with your candid voice; for not functioning according to the principles
of the; Almighty divine,

You could transcend beyond the realms of benign goodness; and then unsparingly whip it; for diffusing a path of murderous war; all across God's most ravishingly splendid continent,
You could dance in the aisles of marvelous empathy; and then savagely shoot it; for lethally disobeying the ideals of symbiotic existence; diffusing vindictive hatred in the hearts of one and all; alike,

You could chant the most sacred mantras on this Universe; and then unflinchingly squelch upon it; for its merciless ways of leading life; for the sinister darkness of ill will that it instilled in passionately palpitating hearts,

You could synergistically epitomize all resplendently beautiful on this colossal planet; and then tyrannically distort it; for being so brutal on all those innocuously wandering; under the carpet of heavenly life,

You could bask ingratiatingly in the glory of profoundly impeccable moonlight; and then intransigently demolish it; for its icicles of cowardliness; that degraded the existence of every organism alive,

You could intrepidly clamber up the slopes of exhilarating adventure; and then fearlessly bang it; for its stench of surreptitious badness; acridly pilfering into the lives of innocuous mankind,

And do what you could; rebuke it; perennially annihilate it; diabolically spit on its cacophonically bereaved soul; excoriate it apart into an infinite pieces,

But you knew as much as I did today; that it was the cardinal reason of our existence; with the rest of the planet following us unequivocally on the same footsteps,

For all those who proclaimed that they were fathomless miles away from it; still indispensably needed it; as every speck of luxuriously opulent cloth on their
bodies; every bit of resplendently replenishing meal in their famished stomachs; every bit of bullet proof roof sequestering their heads; was partly due to it; such was the power of hateful; yet pacifying money.

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