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#Series Stories By J. Praise.

TITLE: The Path Of Promise

(Episode 2)


It was 3days to her wedding. Winifred knew it wasn't right to be around Daniel now. At least until the day of their wedding. That was the tradition. But she needed to see Desmond, she wanted to be sure about the strange feeling she earlier had when she first saw Desmond.

She was not sure what she was looking for, or what she was expecting to find out. But she knew she needed to know something.

"I heard you wanted to see me"

The voice came from behind her as she stood thinking at the balcony. It was Desmond. She had told Daniel that she wanted to have a chat with his friend.

"Yes, I'm sorry" She said as she turned to face his direction.

His face was turned away from her like he felt uncomfortable looking her in the face. Why he was doing this was a mystery to Winifred. And it got her even more curious.

Their conversation was casual until she decided to stir the propeller of inept feelings.

"Daniel ever told you I was so in love before he met me?" She asked trying to head their conversation towards her greatest fear and hope.

He shook his head. Still looking away.

This time Winifred tried to note all of his reactions. She told him the tales of her past with John, and how she had returned back after studies abroad hoping to meet John but haven't. She even went as far as explaining her misfortunes, how heartbroken she felt when she couldn't find John, and she needed to move on.

His face was without emotions, but something too calm was alive in him. This time he was stealing a glance from her already. You could tell his manliness was humbled.

"It is good you moved on" He said dryly.

The room was tense now. Though calm, but Winifred could notice her finger tips trembling. There's something about the voice and the ego he portrays, it was familiar, too familiar.

"You look exactly like John" She said still searching his eyes.

This time his face was bright with emotions. They flooded his eyes to his cheeks. The ego was no longer there. This time he looked like a Child Left in the cold. He was heartbroken and Winifred knew it.

"Perhaps, you're John" She added as tears rolled down her own eyes.

She needed no confirmation to know it was john. Her body reacted to it immediately. She moved closer to him, filled with fear, hope and want. She just wanted to be sure.

This time they both looked each other in the eyes. Deep and filled with emotions. They was a gap, a space in their heart that craved, longed to be touched, to be held, to be kissed again.

"No, I'm Desmond" He said as he broke the moment and walked out of her sight.


The wedding preparation was at it's peak. Everything was set and ready, except for Winifred. Her world was tied up in doubts and uncertainty. No doubt she knew it was John, the same John whom she had loved, and who had loved her too.

But why is he denying his identity to me?

She asked herself.

As she was still analysing the event in her head, her phone rang.

It is Daniel.

"Hello Honey, I'm fine" She answered the phone.

They talked for a while and was about to hang up, when she asked.

"Honey, how is Desmond?"

"He is fine" Daniel answered.

"Is he married Honey?" She was not sure why she asked. But she couldn't help it.

"No he is not" Daniel replied. "Any problem?" he added.

"No, I only wanted to know a little about your friend. Our Best man" She said sounding plain and contained. Because she felt awkward already.

"Well, he said there's a path he must take. Only then will he get married" Daniel explained.

It sounded unnecessary, but those words created an awareness in her heart. What path? She asked herself.

Those words served her day a lot to worry about. Somehow she felt relieved that Desmond is not yet married. Not like she planned on leaving Daniel, she loves him of course. But since she met Desmond, especially after she realised he was actually John, what she feels could no longer be interpreted. She couldn't master her own feelings anymore.

It was only 2days to her wedding, and she felt so restless about it. She wanted to crack her past, she wanted to be so sure about John. She wanted to walk out of the past with no regrets, no pains, and no attachments either.

She has a lot to worry and plan for her marriage. Because she would be spending almost eternity there. But she also planned on making the fullest of the remaining 2days. She needs to find her way around the past. She needs to know the whole truth about Desmond and what he wants. What path he wants to take. Does he still love her?

Hmmm... I'm about to find out.

She said as she left for Daniel's house.

*Continues Episode 3*

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