More And More Closer

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



As each second unfurled into a wholesome minute; the winds of time  gallivanted ahead at astoundingly incomprehensible speeds,

As each minute unveiled into a wholesome hour; the painstakingly persevering needles of the clock now; chiming in spell bindingly unanimous unison,

As each hour galloped into a wholesome afternoon; the brilliantly dazzling Sun blazing its Omnipotent shine full throttle,

As each afternoon speeded into the wholesome night; the resplendent blankets of moonlight casting an spell of eternal mysticism; upon the most horrendous of
blackness prevailing,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of alleviating bereaved humanity from realms of inexplicable anguish; I felt more resolutely invincible in my advancing footsteps; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each night unraveled into a wholesome dawn; the melodiously enchanting cuckoos; enshrouding each cranny of the beleaguered atmosphere; with their
celestially ingratiating sounds,

As each dawn sprinted into a wholesome week; the pragmatically meticulous routines of life now profusely consolidated to a mammoth extent,

As each week danced into a wholesome fortnight; the essence of ubiquitous sharing; now ardently creeping into the insatiably yearning quarters of the dwindling soul,

As each fortnight shot into a wholesome month; the vivaciously changing colors of the boisterous season; now imparting their profound sensuousness to the
mangled conglomerate of frazzled nerves in the body,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of metamorphosing all traumatized lechery on this planet once again into a divine paradise; I felt more overwhelmingly empowered in every word that I spoke; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each month raced into a wholesome year; the soil now astonishingly adept and handsomely blending; to the vacillating shades of flamboyant light; freezing
cold; and torrential rain,

As each year escalated into a wholesome decade; the battlefields of savage bloodshed now sprouting with the plants of ravishing freedom,

As each decade blossomed into a wholesome century; the good and diabolically bad of life now nostalgically reverberating in fathomless playgrounds of
open space,

As each century unfolded into a wholesome millennium; the inadvertently committed sins of past existence; now blissfully washed with the radiantly sparkling rays of a crimson tomorrow,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of irrefutably ensuring that no organism slept a famished night; I felt my conscience unassailably radiating
with nothing else but truth; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each millennium gushed into a wholesome birth; the most infinitesimal bits of lechery in the atmosphere now completely annihilated; by the cries of freshly
born Divine,

As each birth sprouted into a wholesome Era; the fields of contemporary modernity now frantically searching for their; scintillatingly simplistic rudiments,

As each era whirled into a wholesome civilization; the vividly striking newness of wonderfully mesmerizing creation; now radically replacing the stagnating dormitories of rusty past,

As each civilization eventually faded into wholesome timelessness; each element of the enthrallingly supreme sky beautifully blending with; bountifully
existing earth,

I felt more and more closer in my mission to save priceless humanity from the salaciously brutal clutches of the despairing devil; I felt more invincible in my perspective of sacrificing my entire life for the service of mankind; by the
grace of Almighty Lord.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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