More Than God Could Have Missed Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Your voice seemed to me a supremely obfuscated blur; although you were standing at whisker lengths from my body; screaming hysterically into my sensitive eardrum,

Your footsteps seemed to me like a frigidly lazy yawn; although you were tumultuously banging your bohemian feet across the savagely metallic floor,

Your laughter seemed to me like lame ducks floating on the docile pond; although you were thunderously chortling into loud guffaws as you watched the clown
fall down,

Your eyes seemed to me like dark clouds hovering in dull consternation; although you were staring ferociously towards my visage as if planning to eat me for nocturnal supper,

Your dance seemed to me like the dead squirrel lying on the stone since ages; although you were vivaciously swishing your bones to stridently blaring sleazy

Your hands seemed to me like flimsy spider webs; although you were clapping them ardently under the mid day Sun,

Your clothes seemed to me like vaguely obsolete shadows; although you had adorned your demeanor in fabulously glittering attire,

Your lips seemed to me like squelched and frivolously light pulp; although you had embellished them with garish lipstick; were pursing them indefatigably as each minute unveiled by,

Your hair seemed to me like decayed strands of the morbid broomstick; although you flirtatiously fluttered them at thin distances from my cheeks,

Your fingers seemed to me like evanescently buried fossils; although you had flooded them with incredulous strings of scintillating diamonds and pearls,

Your tongue seemed to me like lifeless tiger skin suspended dolorously from the ceiling; although you cheekily moved it inside your mouth umpteenth number
of times in a single minute,

Your sweat seemed to me like a transiently fading mirage melting at electric speeds as the seconds unfurled by; although you let it pour poignantly upon my eye as you conversed boisterously by my side,

Your feet seemed to me like the miserably evaporating waterfall lasting for only frugal periods after the monsoons; although you had encompassed them in alluring chains of white silver; audaciously struck your big toe in the center of my chest,

Your skin seemed to me like fermented milk rotting in open space since ages; although you had inundated it with overwhelmingly austere rose scent; and it glowed
more tenaciously than the moon had ever shone,

Your nails seemed to me like old frogs croaking in timid submission just before their death; although you had pruned them meticulously with contemporary times;
vibrantly cuddled my soft cheeks with your piquantly painted nail polish,

Your ears seemed to me like colorless pools of saliva loitering on the dusty street; although you had decorated their dainty periphery with opulent jewelry; dangled them seductively before my face,

Your belly seemed to me like charred firewood; nimbly smoldering embers of subsiding fire; although you had enveloped it in mesmerizing silk; gyrated it
voluptuously to captivate my attention,

Your height seemed to me like the diminutively inconspicuous dwarfs; although you trespassed on spiffy heels; stood at a handsome stature from the nonchalantly flat ground,

Your bangles seemed to me like infinitesimal beads of orphaned cotton; although you shook them vehemently near my ears; permeating the still ambience around
with volcanic noise,

And I am profoundly sorry to say O! beloved that all I was able to make out of you was a blurred and a slim mosquito; unable to appreciate your alluring charisma
and royal grace,

As I gawked at your persona in open mouthed amazement; missing you perhaps more than God could have missed this earth when you were gone; was infact meeting you after 3 torturously complete days.

Submitted: May 22, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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