Morsels Of Invincible Love

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



Gregarious morsels of ravishing clouds; to feed the lap of the fathomlessly spell binding sky; inundate its barren persona with satiny charm and compassionate

Heavenly morsels of mesmerizing scent; to feed the overwhelmingly sullen atmosphere; enshroud it withwaves of unparalleled enlightenment,

Indispensable morsels of robust food; to feed the impoverished walls of the treacherously famished intestines; flood the stomach with beams of blissful

Patriotic morsels of vibrant energy; to feed the unsurpassably exhausted soldier; fighting relentlessly; to free his motherland; from the corridors of diabolical captivity,

Impeccable morsels of boisterous rhyme; to feed the incessantly wailing child; embed a twinkle on his dreary face; as he commenced his first hours of the brilliant day,

Irrefutable morsels of sacrosanct truth; to feed the indiscriminately blood sucking parasites; consecrate their abominably castigated lives with celestial joy,

Philanthropic morsels of benign peace; to feed the lecherously satanic enshrouded by whirlpools of manipulation; trigger them to wholesomely blossom in the supremely ecstatic spirit of vivacious life,

Immaculate morsels of placid grass; to feed the divinely cow mother; as she pacified the thirst of millions with her marvelously revered milk,

Mystical morsels of esoteric enchantment; to feed the fanatically groping magician; tickle his unsurpassable armory of tricks with overwhelmingly new found excitement,

Bountiful morsels of melodious honey; to feed the garrulously quarreling insipid politicians; profoundly illuminate their miserably shivering lives; with the ointment of majestic happiness,

Immutably morsels of holistic non-violence; to feed the murderously vicious terrorists; entrench their despicably horrendous countenances; with the Omnipotent light of symbiotic existence,

Inscrutable morsels of bewildering effulgence; to feed the voluptuously tantalizing night; perpetually fulfill its thirst for the unknown; till decades immemorial,

Unconquerable morsels of unflinching courage; to feed the disastrously orphaned and maimed; propel them to surge forward exuberantly in every aspect of their ditheringly devastated lives; to eventually kiss the ultimate dormitories of sparkling success,

Embellished morsels of stupendous charisma; to feed the unrelentingly tossing bride; grant her every philanthropic desire; to blend with the clouds of marvelously proliferating eternity,

Flamboyant morsels of blistering sunshine; to feed the astronomically wonderful summit of the gargantuan mountain; perennially ensure that it bathed in glorious fountains of; princely light,

Eclectic strokes of ingratiating paint; to feed the trajectory of the hopelessly barren canvas; profusely emboss every iota of its pathetically trembling visage; with unprecedented hope and ebullient cheer,

Enamoring morsels of innocuous leaves; to feed the army of aimlessly wandering squirrels and scarlet striped parrots; engendering them to vividly incinerate the abysmal stillness of the staggering night,

Inevitable morsels of Omniscient breath; to feed the caverns of stupefying nostrils; flood them with the impregnable elixir; to handsomely lead every moment of bestowing life,

Blossoming morsels of fascinating newness; to feed the disastrously stale arenas of frenziedly extinguishing life; sprinkle its parasitically fatigued contours; with the exuberant color to exist; beyond its destined times,

And invincible morsels of immortal love; to feed the tumultuously throbbing blankets of the sensuous heart; granting it the most divinely reprieve from its inadvertently committed sins; of past; present; and future life; rendering it as eternally alive.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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